Thursday, December 22, 2016


He is becoming so very man-like. 

It seems that just a little while ago he was riding around on my left hip, taking the world in through clear blue eyes. This pensive expression remains the same; it is his signature visage, an exterior that hides a heart and mind that scrutinizes the world around.

Always watching. I still see his eyes glance away from the action, and glaze over deep in thought. It doesn't matter where he is or who is present. He still does it.

I often wonder what his heart holds as a result of his life of surveying, listening, concluding.

He is not a revealer of thoughts and secrets, nor has he ever been especially needy of cuddles and physical affection through the years. Because of this, I am ever so grateful when he tells me things boys his age don't typically share with their mother. I am grateful when this towering son of mine wraps his arm around my shoulder and tells me he loves me. These brief moments come at random, and reveal some of the mystery that is Michael.

I pray that he will discover - over and over during the course of his life - that all his internal questioning always conclude with God. I pray that his deepest satisfaction will be met in his Creator, that he would find lasting joy and contentment in his God.

God has given me a son with an intricate character, sometimes more like a difficult puzzle to sort out, but I believe he was intentionally made with unique gifts and I anticipate God will use him in interesting ways.

May his life bring God all the glory.


Amidst all the holiday events, we celebrated Michael's 14th last week. Unlike last December, he wanted to have a simple day with his family. Just to know my teenage son loves the company of his family was a special gift to me.

As we were sitting around the breakfast table that morning, we played the "Michael Game" for old time's sake. When the kids were little, we would pick one person and the rest would say something they enjoy about that individual. 

No one was in a serious mood that morning. These are some of the things I recorded:

Jacob: "I like that he goes fast on his skateboard when we go on rides with him."

Olivia: "I like that he is funny!"

Andrew: "NOT wrestling! Because it's like... voooom!... there's another hole in the ceiling to fix!" 

Andrew/Jacob: "He's fun to play with in the pool! He's crazy and he puts us on his shoulders!"
(Olivia's reply: "Yeah! You guys are like a pack of rabid orangoutangs!"

He has been wanting another reptile. Some things never change! He has a baby gecko to care for now, and a place to continue expanding his interest in both reptiles and plants. He is carefully designing the gecko's environment with plants and things to climb. It's so cool to see him really interested in certain things, especially when those interests are lasting and so very different from his parents'.

He was sweet to give me a picture with him before we left for church. Let it be known that he also had the smell of dog poop wafting up from the bottom of his shoe. We were nearly late for church because of it. Welcome to life with Michael.  :)


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