Thursday, December 22, 2016

Craving Intimacy

After a full month of hospitality, food, entertainment, and holiday fanfare, we are scaling back for a time of quiet and intimacy in our home. It is the ever elusive act of stabilizing the balances!

1000-piece puzzles and gingerbread decorating remain holiday favorites

I think it's human nature to crave intimacy with our loved ones. The human heart craves to love and be loved. This is the goal I am setting forth in our activities, intentionally looking for ways to bring us together and to express affection. Since the human heart also tends towards selfishness, I am painfully aware that we are always in need of God's help in us and through us to accomplish this.

Beyond contentment in relationships and simple enjoyments, I am craving truth. Truth, in it's objective, clear-cut lines, is also a simplicity to be earnestly sought out. In it, there is nothing to question, sort out, or judge. Truth is, simply, what is

I wish for that clarity of truth revealed in my heart -- the truth that leads to life abundant in Christ Jesus.

I am acutely aware that the Christmas season is a time of tremendous pain and loss for many. At the very best, it leaves us all with a sense of dissatisfaction as the world makes empty promises veiled in fluffy white, jingle, and glitter. In Christ alone, may we find what our soul needs most. He alone is the giver of true comfort and joy, peace and love, and abundant and eternal life.

Receiving Truth leads to perfect intimacy of the human soul in relationship with God. It is true, perfect love which God makes available to fallen man.

I heard this brand new song of worship yesterday. May you it speak to your heart and lead to praise:

"A song for those in darkness this Christmas season:

Out of the depths of silent night
Immanuel, come hear our cry
Our grief is strong, our burdens great
The night is long and hope is faint
You came to set the captives free
A Morning Star of joy and peace
Why does this darkness feel so deep?
Why can’t our weary spirits see
Glory, glory
Glory in the darkest place
Glory, glory
Glory, let Your mercy reign
Out of the depths of silent night
A Savior born, a mother's sigh 
The darkness trembled at this star
A beam of hope for troubled hearts
You came to make your blessings known
And bear our curse of death alone
You came to share our suffering
So in our sorrow we could sing
Glory, glory
Glory in the darkest place
Glory, glory
Glory, let Your mercy reign

[written 12.10.16]"

(Click on the video to hear it sung.)


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