Saturday, July 16, 2016

Canadian Summers, Part 2

My children love visiting Grandma. They love her home... her beds, her yard, her basement, her breakfasts, her treats. They love the smell of her house, too (which is interesting because I also distinctly remember the smell of my grandparents' homes). Olivia loves that she always has a challenging puzzle set out for the family to work on, and they boys love that she has video games. They also love to spend time with their Auntie, who lives close by. 

My kids look forward to the arrival of their cousins, at which point the house becomes packed to capacity. I hope to do the same someday... to have all the family together.

I wish I had more pictures, but the truth is I sometimes feel uncomfortable sticking my lens in everyone's face. Some people can be uncomfortable with that, and I don't like to impose. Plus, many of the activities don't lend themselves well to photos. For instance, the kids have long enjoyed "mattress sliding" down the basement stairs!

Olivia's skateboard swing under the apple tree still serves the kids well.

A short hike with some of the boys...

Take me out into nature, and I will photograph it. Can't help it.

This chick-a-dee let me get up close without a zoom lens. He was maybe 18 inches away...

Queen Ann's Lace everywhere. I wanted to make a bouquet or a crown, or maybe a collar of "lace." I imagined all kinds of moody portraits of Olivia in the shadows of the forest.

Crab apple wars

Crab apple war pose

My boys packed a bag of crab apples in the car to take to their cousins' in upper state NY for our final night before flying home. The boarder/customs agent asked about this bag when he inspected the back of our car, and the boys simply replied, "They are for crab apple wars." The agent obviously understood boys, smiled, and made an exception to the rule.

Annual pictures...
(Compare HERE from the steps 3 years ago)

Thanks, Carol, for the fun summer memories!


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