Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Canadian Summers

First day home from our trip north and I have emotions of every kind. I'm not sure if it's a combination of being tired, of having an undesirable amount of work and admin to accomplish, PMS, and, well... it doesn't matter. The emotions are there and I'm doing my best not to let them overtake me! I've had to tell myself that emotions help me "taste" life, and to experience it in color and sound and motion. As often as I wish I didn't feel life as sharply and deeply as I frequently do, I'm nonetheless thankful for the artistry of God in giving me so much to experience by way of emotion. I can't imagine life otherwise.

People tell me I'm quiet, calm, composed. Ha. If you only knew what goes on inside!

Feelings. They can run deep. Time passes and a feeling seems long forgotten, then suddenly memories emerge and the feeling of it is fresh again. For better or for worse.

I culled through these pictures yesterday from somewhere high in the sky as we travelled back home. I couldn't help but remember fondly my own summer memories. The weeks spent at my grandfather's cottage in the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec have left clear and lasting memories in my mind and heart. Papa Jean's was the best place to be as a kid, and we would reunite there with all our cousins.

I have no doubt my kids will remember summer vacations spent roaming the Quebec countryside with their cousins. This makes me happy...

Canada Day was spent in my little hometown

We watched the parade where residents and families participate with pride. 
Simple, quaint, festive

I recalled a sense of loyal community which I have not experienced in larger towns and cities 

Such a special place to me.
And yet, somehow, I have loved learning to leave it. It has been good for me to learn leaving, as strange as that may sound.

Coming back, however, does something to me every time.

Boy cousins. Olivia is the lone girl still...

Simple pleasures


Baby dearest. Boy #7

So fun to watch my brother J.P. as a dad!

My brother, David, is always so sweet to make fun memories with the kids.

It has become tradition to fish with Uncle David at the river. He is so patient to do this with so many eager fishers!

Olivia's big catch

I have no doubt Michael would want me to mention those are borrowed giant Crocs! ;)

Lake swimming. Jack and Andrew surfaced only for air.

One above water, and one below. Both exploring and discovering.

Glorious summer hair

Life. It comes with lots of emotion. And feeling them are essential. 

Sometime, I think, learning to face the emotion in it's full strength might be right and needful.

Only then can we determine which emotions can be let go, shaken off, rejected for being misplaced. 

The pain that comes from honesty regarding certain emotions (and the history which brought them about)  is worthwhile when it results in learning to live above mere feelings. 

By the grace and help of God, I choose to walk by faith, not by feeling. 

(Pictures of the Rourke/Ontario side to follow soon...)


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