Friday, July 22, 2016

Just a July Post

July is just a good month, and we love summer a whole lot around here. The pool and beach have been amazing this week, especially with this heat wave hanging around. I use the term 'heat' loosely though, as our coastal heat doesn't compare with most other places. Our fans are humming and the windows are open, and we will sleep quite comfortably with just a light covering tonight.

The weeks of summer are going quickly, and it makes my heart sink just a little when I think of it. If only we could have summer longer.

Last Sunday I had an impromptu party for Jon's birthday, which meant that my birthday was the day after the party. This was perfect: People for him, and satisfaction for me! I've always loved the day after hosting a party or get-together, when there are traces of a good time had with friends with conversations and moments to be remembered.

My birthday was mostly a normal day, though I did enjoy my first experience with birthday wishes on Facebook. I woke early with Olivia because she had an early morning rehearsal to attend, enjoyed some devotional time, then had breakfast with the boys. I've already forgotten the rest of the morning, but I'm sure there was housework and errands (did I shop for VBS costume materials on that day?), then pickup from church, lunch with the kids, an orthodontist appointment with a certain boy who lost his retainer in Canada, drop off/pick up at guitar lessons for Olivia... and some enjoyment intermingled throughout. We all went out to an early dinner and a chocolate treat before Jon's meeting with the other elders at church.

Later, I decided to run 8 miles. Eight for my 38th.

I'm not sure what most women do on their birthdays, but this was very satisfying for me. Actually, the fact that I didn't mind my birthday was a first in a very long time, so maybe this is why it was so satisfying. I've lamented the fact of getting older since I was 10. Maybe that's odd, I don't know. This year I was simply content with what is, aging and all. I just felt thankful to be alive, thankful for the years I've walked this earth. It's a gift, really.

Maybe I am finally growing up a little.


Tonight we finished dinner at 6:27. We decided to work hard for 33 minutes (till 7:00), then head out for a walk in town. {Jon used his chain saw to cut some logs for the wood pile, Olivia folded laundry, Michael vacuumed, Andrew helped me in the kitchen with dinner clean-up, and Jack tidied up the yard and pool area.} I've always preferred to reward work with play. No, actually, it's more accurate to say that summer and years and life are passing quickly, and we need to make sure we get out and enjoy it... the work was just bonus.

On the way to Starbucks with their gift cards...

We still like to act like kids

My main squeeze

An outtake, because the two extra faces make me laugh...

Make the most of your days...


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