Sunday, November 8, 2015

Napoleon and Co.

Napoleon Dynamite. What can I say?

Costumes and dress-up have always been a favorite with our kids. I'm not sure when it started... Maybe after Olivia was a flower girl at Jon's sister's wedding? She started wearing her dress as a Mary Poppins outfit, along with a pink umbrella and white satin gloves. She would sing "A Spoonful of Sugar" while extending two fingers to an imaginary robin. Michael then started wearing some funny gold slippers that were part of another costume. They were his "Step in Time" gold slippers and they caused Jon to stress out that his son's masculine identity would get messed up. He would dance and dance like Burt on the roof top, his chubby white legs flinging about. He wore those slippers on most days until the gold was entirely gone. He must have been barely three years old.

Even now, any opportunity for a costume is welcomed! Olivia was mainly responsible to putting this all together. Napoleon, Kip, Deb, and Pedro...

The lines/impersonations are even better. It's non-stop nowadays. Oh, I should mention the boys wanted me to be "LaFawndah!"



  1. Oh my... J as Kip! If only he had the gold necklace! Hilarious! All the costumes are great! I wish you would have tried to be Lafawnduh. And your other J could have been Rex! I have been daydreaming about having a Napoleon Dynamite party for months now.

    1. We have a black do rag if you need it! We couldn't find the giant jewelry in time to pull off a hip hop Kip. I think your O would make a perfect Kip with a do rag!! And yes, Jon as Rex Kwon Do... he'd be perfect!

  2. I'm dying! That is hysterical. Your kids have a great sense of humor. :-)

  3. This is hilarious and great! One of my favorite movies :-)
    Oh and I think you would have made the PERFECT LaFawnduh.

  4. Carol and Karen,

    I know the two of you are really close friends, but it's interesting that you both commented at the EXACT same time! Thanks for your kind remarks!

  5. Bah! This is so funny. Their expressions especially. LaFawndah will be in the next post, right?!


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