Saturday, November 7, 2015

Changing Seasons

Just like that, the season turned. Going from an uncomfortable, record-breaking, blazing hot fall, our weather has finally changed to match our expectations for this time of year. Fall weather is here. Last night the kids and I bundled up in our sweaters, jeans, and hats (I use the term "bundle" loosely) and took a walk by the ocean in the dark. It was just right.

I've got a ton of pictures I've taken over the last couple months before the weather changed-- probably more than I should post at one time. The fall months are the best over here by the Pacific because the water is much warmer than during the summer months, and the crowds have returned home. The sea water gave us relief from the heat, even if our beach trips were short escapades between the duties of life.

My first time ever taking them for morning donuts. Funny that they are not all smiling! 

From the shoppe to the beach

Little friend

Random shot just for fun... he wore it nearly the whole day.

On this day, it was just me and my younger boys. The choice was either insanity in a sweltering house, or the beach. Naturally, we chose the beach. 

A perfect, egg-shaped rock

Being crabs

Little helper

Another short beach trip. Most times I'd chase the kids along the shore, my camera to my face and the hem of my skirt getting wetter with each wave. When I did join them, they taught me the games they've made up with the funny wave patterns we were getting. 

I know you're not supposed to shoot at the sun, but the next picture is my favorite from the fall.

Michael. He is a twelve year old boy, but as his younger brothers say in lament, "He's becoming a teenager!" He acts all cool most of the time, until suddenly he reverts back to this. He said he lost his clothes in the waves, and had no choice but to cover up with these. 

Now that the weather is cooling off, the hills and trees are calling out to me! 

Acting silly

This is the same spot I took these pictures. I'm not sure if cactus is normal at this spot in November, but it seems quite clear we are in need of an extended rainy season.

Fall is for football, too. Jacob's team came in first for their division, Andrew's came in second. Jacob's team won their playoff game tonight, and so they move on to more games next week. Andrew's team won their first game, but lost the second. It was a close game the whole way through with our team leading by just a few points, until the opposing team intercepted and scored a touchdown at the end of the 4th quarter. The trophy we brought home helped to ease the disappointment of their loss. It's unfortunate that Jon didn't get to see the season finale. He is an awesome coach. I kept him updated by text, which was strange considering he is on the other side of the globe, 12 hours ahead.


Changing seasons. I feel like I'm in the midst of one myself. For so long I had my heart set on adoption, waiting with the expectation of welcoming young children into our lives. Because of that, I never fully closed that chapter of life, that stage of parenting younger kids. But now here I am, doors have closed, and I must look forward to the reality of where we are and where we are going. My home is going to quickly fill up with teenagers. Chronologically, my second-born is on the verge of entering those years (though practically speaking, I already classify him as a teen), and my eldest is already in high school. I need to be fully engaged, in the zone, alert and ready.

I am thankful to be here, amazed that God has taken us this far. At times I think that the younger years was parenting warm-up for the teenage years, but that might imply a negative perspective on parenting teens. No, I just hope that the wisdom and skill I've learned in the earlier years have prepared me for this new season. I think all seasons of life will have their unique challenges, but each will build on the foundation of the last. The principles of investment, of sowing and reaping, are just as valid now as they were during the pre-school years. The teen years are certainly not hands-off-and-hope-for-the-best years.

So I've set myself to learning what I can now for what lies ahead tomorrow. I want to move forward with joy and confidence. I've found wonderful resources of books and messages that I've begun to learn from, and I am gleaning a great deal from the lives and experiences of others. I am thankful to live in a time when so many wonderful helps are readily available.

And yet, one thought remains: God will be my source of help and wisdom, and his Word will be our ultimate guide for life and godliness. He doesn't give a precise formula, but he calls us into relationship with him. All of life is about relationship: The greatest commandment is to love God fully, the second is to love others. This is relationship, fellowship with God and others.

Somehow I think that is the nutshell of what I need to know, what I need to strive for, and what I need to teach and model.

The simplicity of it is exciting to me.


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  1. always beautiful pictures. Praying for you during this transition time. What an encouragement to me to be present in each stage of life we are in with the kids.


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