Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Real Life Post #3

I'm not sure how much time I'll have to jot down a few thoughts here this morning. It's my guess I'll have to find little bits of time here and there throughout the day before this post is clicked into existence.

Some days just hit me with the reality of sweetness all around. It's cold here today (and hopefully Jon will be able to connect the heater vents under the house soon so that we can have a little heat in the morning!), but the atmosphere of our home is warm. Olivia said she got dressed under her blankets this morning because it was so cold; the boys are finally starting to realize that it's getting too cold for shorts and T's. I made some hot cocoa at breakfast and we reviewed our little study from the book of James.

Jon and Olivia just left for the day. Jon will drop her off at school on his way in to the office, and I've got the boys here for a day of school and an orthodontist appointment. Jon kissed me good-bye twice. The boys shouted out, "I love you!" and, "Have a good day!" to their dad and sister from various parts of the house; Jack ran to the door for hugs. I handed Olivia her lunch bag and mentioned that she styled her hair nicely. She is wearing my military green jacket again today... we are sharing more and more of our clothes with each other.

After they left I climbed the stairs to find Andrew working at the school table and Michael on the floor studying for a science test. Andrew looked up at me with a big, satisfied sigh and said, "I love this family."

Yes, I agree. My heart is full.


It's more than a day later now, and no surprise this little post is still open on my computer, unpublished. I just read over what I wrote yesterday morning and it seems like a "Real Life Post" worth completing....

Today was similar, only tonight I have a couple hours to myself. I turned on a short play list to race against in the kitchen, trying to finish the cleaning before the songs ended. I cleaned dishes to "Riptide" then finished wiping down all the surfaces only 30 seconds or so after the last of the songs ended. The music won, I guess, but the work got done quickly nonetheless. So it's more like win/win!

It was another sweet day, with most details just like the last. Our days could so easily blend one day into the next, so I force myself to record specifics because the details are what make memories rich. 

Details in plants have always captured my attention...
...and the way light shimmers and glows for the one who looks.

Michael reading by morning light

Pomegranate jewels, and fern from the yard

Simple fern on the breakfast table for a Saturday meeting, and dappled light dancing.

Andrew, Jacob, and I planted lots of strawberry plants and kale this afternoon. {Maman et Melissa~ Si vous venez au printemps, on espère d'avoir des belles fraises!} When it came time to get Olivia from school, the three boys insisted on coming along. If I got a dollar for every time I heard the words "I love you" spoken today, well, we'd be a little richer. Then again, the riches of a loving home is priceless and I wouldn't trade a thing.

A few days ago, as I was moving about in the kitchen, Jon came down from his office and caught me by the waist as I was passing by. We leaned into each other, my forehead perfectly nestled where his shoulder meets his neck, and his arms wrapped snugly around me. "Mmmm," I said. "You should do that more often."

"Well, it might be a little easier if you weren't always bustling around like you do!"

True. I move quickly. It's the way I operate. And I multitask and think about several things all at once. I don't mean to, but sometimes I communicate something like, "Catch me if you can," while I think to myself, "If only he would catch me..."

I am reminded again how important it is to communicate how we need to be loved... and also to be available! Not only that, but in all our relationships it's so important to simply communicate the most important things. It's easier not to say,  "I love you," or, "I messed up... forgive me," or, "Thank you." It's easy just to assume the other person will automatically know it, and it's easier not to be intentional.

If we neglect the details within our relationships, time will quickly erode intimacy. I think that's why so many relationships end up resembling a mere operative bond of obligation.

I am learning not only to see detail around me, but details within my relationships. Details matter.


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