Monday, November 2, 2015

Real Life Post #2

Real life includes plans that fail-- big plans and small plans. Fortunately, this was just a small plan!

My plan was to snap real life pictures throughout the day, but I only made it as far as breakfast time. After that, the day just rushed on full speed ahead and there was little time for extras. This was already over a week ago and I'm just now getting to these few little snapshots. (The funny thing is that I have a ton of pictures I take of us out and about, enjoying life. My days are very compartmentalized, I guess, with focused time of work and focused time of play!)

Looking around in the morning, these are a few of the things that I found...

Little notes distributed to everyone from Jack

 From one brother to another
(Do you know how happy this makes me?)

More for me. I've been finding them everywhere!

Diligent boy. Up and ready, doing on his schoolwork before breakfast because he knows Fridays are extra full.

I wanted to take pictures of us doing our normal thing, so I discretely set my camera on the piano. I like how the images are framed up.

Jon was out of town on this particular day, but this is typically the time he comes down and kisses me good-bye. No breakfast for him, just in and out of the kitchen with a kiss.

Jacob was stirring the pot of oatmeal while I added the spices, and Andrew was pulling things out to set up a little toppings bar. This is one of his favorite meals.

This was when Andrew said, "Hey! Do you guys hear a camera?"

Then with the big kids...
Oatmeal is one of Olivia's least favorite things to eat, but she tolerates it without complaint!
Fact of life: You can't please all of the people all of the time.

During breakfast I asked the kids if they mind me posting pictures of them on my blog, as I do periodically. So far the answer has always been positive, but this time Michael made a small comment that was honest and true. I don't remember his words precisely, but essentially he said that my blog doesn't show the real picture. He said it doesn't show us fighting!

And he is right, so I acknowledged his statement and questioned him further to see what he was really thinking.

The truth is, who we are behind the closed doors of our home is a much better representation of our true self than who we are with our friends, at church, in the grocery store, on the practice field, or as depicted in our social media of choice. Of course everyone knows that the human struggle with sin is common to all, but we are so prone to cover up our own deficiencies and/or to compare ourselves with others.

Not that I need to be taking pictures of us fighting, or writing about the content of our disagreements, but let it be known that we are very far from perfect here! We argue. We are selfish and we fight.

My hope is that we are also grieved by this, that we learn repentance and forgiveness, and that, but the grace of God, we are always moving toward greater sanctification.

We are going to struggle on this side of eternity; I'd like for our struggle to be against sin (within ourselves as individuals, and within our home as parents), rather than the struggle that results as a consequence to sin.

My desire, though, is that the general tone and atmosphere of our home is one of peace. It may be worth noting that the struggle against sin doesn't always seem peaceful at the time (even if it does eventually bear fruits of peace). However, if the general atmosphere of our home is not peaceful, then we as parents are responsible.

Michael's comment has left me with a few things to think about...

It's also interesting that on this particular day, I read this from Psalm 37: 8-

"Refrain from anger, and forsake wrath!
Fret not yourself; it tends only to evil."

How often are we simply fretting about this and about that, which then leads to contention within our relationships at home? How often do I make a big issue out of small things, or act as if my desires and preferences are the rules of life? Or do my worries about how I will be perceived by others lead to misplace (and sinful) pressures on others for outward performance?

Yes, I've got things to think about AND be on guard against...


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  1. I enjoy seeing glimpses of your family and life. You are inspiring me to take more pictures of the everyday.


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