Thursday, November 1, 2012

Monumental Memories

I've collected enough moments here and there over the last few days to quickly go through the remainder of my pictures before they become a thing of the past. Moments were found late at night, at the library yesterday, and now here by the pool because the verathane fumes from inside are giving me a headache and are driving me away from my work inside. I'm really happy to discover I can pick up our wifi signal out here. Plus, the day is too beautiful to stay indoors.

Back in DC, the little boys (as we affectionately call them) laced up for more walking and touring. Walking may have been our primary activity! We covered miles of distance in our week away, and these two in particular were real troupers to keep pace with our long legged strides.

Saturday-- Jon drove into Virginia to visit friends and the kids and I walked the Mall. Visiting the monuments was our main objective on that day, but we made plenty of stops along the way. Really, we had already spent several days taking more formal tours, so I wanted the kids to enjoy the things they found interesting. The monuments were interesting, yes, but so were the parks and the trees and the wide open space.

The two pictures below are blurry and otherwise not quite right, but I like them regardless.

A short distance from the Washington Monument, there were several trees where parents congregated and children climbed. Of course, Michael had to climb the highest. On this was down, however, the back of his jeans got snagged...

...and were badly ruined. At this point there was no option for returning to the house to change, so we did our best not to attract attention for the rest of the day! I found a little pin, which didn't work very well anyway, and he kept his shirt pulled down. This is so typical. A couple weeks ago Andrew squatted to look at something in Target and split his favorite shorts a good 9 inches or so.


The War Monument

Below, the Washington Monument pictured from the War Monument (left), then from our resting and people watching spot on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial (right).

Below are a few shots from Mount Vernon, the former estate of George Washington. This was my favorite place to visit by far. I think it stems from my interest in the personal rather than the public. If ever you find yourself in the area, this place is a must-see. Unfortunately, because of the bright outdoor light and indoor restrictions, I took few pictures.

We also had the pleasure of spending a couple days with Jon's mom. Thanks, Carol, for taking the time to fly down!

Treats from Grandma-

Not only are torn bottoms typical, so are skinned knees (and elbows).

Olivia looking at the White House for the first time--

The boys were more interested in the President's insects and squirrels.

A quick shot of the house we stayed at, followed by another quick picture taken by Carol before we parted ways at the airport--

OK, my moment of quiet to post theses pictures must end. Four of the neighbor boys are here and they've got sling shots. Pretty good timing to wrap things up anyway...


How could I have forgotten? Maybe it was the fact that there were seven boys in my yard, along with the entertainment of their limbo competition... which turned into big boys holding long pole and little boys coiled around as the "roast."  Maybe.

Since Jon and I are not even Americans, I had to include this of the Canadian Embassy. Though the US feels like home now (after all, we've lived here for 16 years), the sight of the Canadian flag still does a little something to me, especially when I unexpectedly notice it.

Happy weekend!


  1. Enjoying Orlando this week-end but holding many wonderful memories of Washington and how great it was to see everyone.Enjoyed the visit sooo much.I also loved Mt.Vernon.Have told everyone how beautiful and interesting it all was.Thank you for sharing a few days with me.Love to everyone.

  2. Carol, are you sure you are a grandma? You are beautiful. K, I love how you include the everydays in your posts: torn jeans, skinned knees, bugs, slingshots, and the never ending work that awaits. Love you all.

  3. Melia: Thank you! Love you and miss you...


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