Friday, October 26, 2012

Capital Scenery

It was a beautiful week to visit DC. Perfect weather and gorgeous fall colors, along with friendly people, made the city so inviting.

Our accommodations were more than just accommodating. Friends extended the use of their townhouse to us while they were away on travel, and we experienced a quaint city life for a week.

From the rooftop of the four-story house we stayed in...

The house was walking distance from the Capitol, which you can see beyond the chimney.

Taken from the master bedroom, this is a shot of the window-door to the roof top.

The window-door from the outside...

In the neighborhood... 

Then the touring began! This was the perfect place to combine vacation and school field trips. 

It was funny to me that we didn't get to see the Supreme Court, just a giant picture of it over the scaffolding. The interior was pretty cool, though!

The dome in the Capitol

Waiting to be admitted to the House of Representatives

The Library of Congress. Olivia was impressed with the architect's use of meaningful art. 

I enjoyed the fall color so much! It's what I grew up experiencing each year, and we just don't get the same in So. Cal. 

That's all I have time to post tonight...


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  1. We saw Bob and Teri soon after they bumped into you guys! Glad you had a fun vacation/field trip. Love the beautiful colors of fall.


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