Sunday, November 4, 2012


It's important to Jon and I that we model and teach a good work ethic to our children. So yesterday it was encouraging to see Jack outside in the morning continuing work that was assigned to an older brother the day before. This was on his own accord.

We have tons of yard and house work to do. Sometimes we work as a team, sometimes jobs are offered for pay, sometimes work is assigned to combat boredom, and other times work is none other than a parenting tool for me.

For instance, yesterday afternoon the three boys were playing in the trees. They were being snipers, I think. After some time, the older two become frustrated with Jacob because he wasn't playing right, insisting on having his own way. I tried to work it out, reminding both sides of their responsibilities for right behavior and responses. The trouble continued. Jacob was simply not mature enough for this game, so I lured him away to help me make a snack for everyone. He distributed the snack to his brothers in the trees, then he and I ate under a large tarp which was draped over the edge of the deck railing to dry. Pretty soon all four kids were cozied up under there, laughing at the absurdity of me hanging out under the tarp. 

Many times, a happy diversion is enough to bring fresh appreciation for sibling relations. I figured the boys would go on their way and play happily together. However, not too much time elapsed before trouble began to brew again, and so I did what I had to do. I brought consequences.

Each boy went to a SEPARATE side of the house to work! Jacob cleared some junk in the back, Michael broke down cardboard boxes by the garage, and Andrew swept the front walkways. Pretty soon --lo and behold-- they were working TOGETHER to pull out random and overgrown succulents.

And when the work was complete, the boys went off to play. A happy ending for them, and an accomplishment of nagging tasks for me!


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  1. I just love your kiddos. They truly are blessed to have you as their mama!


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