Friday, March 30, 2012

Pictures from a Sweet Visit

This week has been really full in a wonderful and crazy way. There have been lots of fun things-- like celebrating Olivia's birthday-- and the fun mingled with the necessary has kept me moving at a tiring pace. I've always said I'd rather be a little too busy than wasting my days away. Still, before too much time passes I wanted to post these pictures.

It's funny to think of my sister and I all grown up with kids when seemingly just a little while ago we were playing with our dolls. We used to line them up on the sofa, sit ourselves in the middle, and pretend to drive them around town. We would take them to the zoo, or the lake, or for a picnic. We would "drive" to church and the park. Sometimes we would take them shopping. 

Do you remember,  Melissa?

With our real life dollies, we did all those things while she and my mom were here. Except for the shopping, because you'd have to be crazy to go shopping with five boys if it was at all avoidable. So we didn't really shop, even though I did want to introduce my mom and sister to Anthropologie. And of course my real life baby dolls can't be carried around like precious bundles anymore.

We had some long days of really sloppy and cold weather. Unlike northern climates, or any area that gets much weather, there's really not much to do around here when it rains and, of course, shopping was not even considered. The temperature during my family's visit was actually colder than it was in Montreal and Gatineau. We sure didn't get the warm, balmy days we were planning on!

These beach pictures were from the evening before the rain came in. We made it out to the beach two other times, but I didn't get pictures. 

It didn't matter that the boys were not dressed to go swimming... it never matters. By the end of our little walk they were soaked and sandy, and they needed to be stripped down before driving home. Such is life with boys!

Doesn't my mom look cute with all her grand kids?


My kids had been saving old bread in the freezer since they found out their cousin William was coming, and our visit to the lake was a highlight for them. That's one thing I love about spending time with my mom and sister~ they love doing the simple things that make our kids happy. Every one's happy when there is freedom to run and play and enjoy God's creation.

Michael did a great job at taking William under his care. That boy of mine has a way with little kids.

Olivia said, "I just love how baby skin is so soft!" Yep, I think it's one of the best things ever! All my kids enjoyed holding baby Eli.


The last day and good-byes:

Our last day was like our parting gift together: A nearly perfect day at the beach. Relaxing. Good food. Good company. Oh, and sunny!

I've often wondered what life would be like living close to my family. I know it would be different in many ways...

Jon drove them to the airport, and I managed to say good-bye without tearing up. But of course, as always, the tears came when the door closed.

Merci, Maman et Melissa, pour la belle visite.


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  1. How wonderful you got to see your family! I can understand how hard it is to live far away. I wonder so often about how life would look if we lived close to family. And my tears ALWAYS come after the door closes!


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