Saturday, March 31, 2012

Race Day

We've been training for several weeks for this race. At first we were simply aiming for improved fitness, but everyone was excited when I discovered the opportunity to run a race. Having a race day in mind motivated us to be a little more regular with our running. It was a fun new experience for us all!

(Jon and I tag-teamed all morning. He had the kids at the start line, and I met them at the finish line. I've yet to go through the pictures he took, but I know he has a few more of Jacob getting started on his race. I'll have to add them soon.)

Olivia coming in strong

Michael in the blue shirt

Andrew, also in a blue shirt, fought through a leg cramp for his mile run.

I couldn't get a clear shot of Jack crossing the finish line, but here he is ready to give Olivia a high five. His favorite part by far were the goodies he could pick from as he exited the course.


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