Thursday, September 8, 2011


It's a rare moment when everyone is busy with something and no one is looking for me. Olivia is painting, Andrew and Jacob have gone out to get the mail (and are probably sidetracked looking for lizards), and Michael is on the sofa listening to an audiobook.

...In the time it took me to write the first sentence, Andrew came knocking at the door with an armful of mail, and Michael came in looking for the next disc. So its not the case that no one is looking for me. I wonder what would happen if I hid in the closet for a while. Maybe the pantry would be better because at least I could snack.

Now Andrew just came back in to see if he had something crawling on his neck. It's pine sap. Great. Olivia is looking for a container to mix paint. My chicken, Clementine, is at my window and I have to get up and ask the boys to catch her and close the gate...

We'll see how far I get with this post.

Its been a good week. We're trying to get in some good days of school before school days are disrupted. The hunt for housing continues, as does the organizing and packing.

Jacob turned five on Monday. It's hard for me to believe it. In a perfect world I'd have a chance to write down a few memories and some thoughts about my sweet boy, but I think I'll have to be brief.

If he could, he would proudly tell you that he can swim without floaties, he uses a booster seat and NOT a car seat, and he's in kindergarten now. Being five is a big deal to him. Now if his teeth would only start to fall out like everyone else's, he'd be even happier. Today he told me he has a grown up tooth now and pointed to his tiny canine tooth. I smiled and nodded. 

He's a confient little boy and I love that about him, even though I sometimes wish he felt he needed me a little more! He loves to be out, and he's always disappointed when its time to come home. I wonder if he'll be eager to fly the coop at a younger age than anyone else.

He's quick and he's agile. This year he learned how to do pop-a-wheelies on his bike. He often prefers to hoist himself up on the fence and swing his legs over rather than use the gate that's a mere two feet away. Last week when we had company, he did this little fence jumping maneuver and he fell flat on the concrete. I knew he was hurt, but he got up, stuck his chin out, and followed the men into the garage.

I love his humor and his expressions. I love that he has a tender heart. He's a good hugger and will snuggle with me longer than anyone else did at this age.

Michael wrapped up his suspenders and gave them to Jacob for his birthday. They have been a favorite by far. I had to find pleasant ways of asking him to change from his plaid shorts, spiderman t-shirt, and suspenders (and other interesting combinations) when it's time to leave the house. He looks adorable with the suspenders and a little news boy cap.

He brings a lot of happiness into our home and I am deeply thankful to be his mother. 

Now I'm off to finish up making dinner...


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