Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Baby Doll is 10

It seems so strange that Olivia would be 10 years old today. How could it even be possible? What a fantastic 10 years it has been!

Last night I watched her sleep for a while and she still seemed so small to me. Maybe it's because she was hidden under layers of blankets with her head snuggled into her blue and yellow blankie, but her arms were positioned just the same way as when she was an infant squirming out of her blanket burrito. She still looks so peaceful, so sweet. I could have sat there all night remembering, praying, dreaming.

What a  precious gift she has been to us! My life dramatically changed the morning she was born: I never imagined I could love a tiny little somebody so deeply at the very first sight. My whole world of emotion and affection burst into a much larger universe. I discovered a new kind of love, in addition to a deep vulnerability to pain and suffering.

The birth of this child made me a mother, a role which holds such great meaning and purpose to me. Her arrival changed me forever.

She has been the easiest, most compliant child, and mothering her is a delight and a breathtaking privilege. She has a tender heart and is very perceptive to the needs of others. She is sensitive to the things of the Lord, eagerly seeking to understand. She is sweet and funny and intelligent, and I often feel ill-equiped to guide such a gift.

Yet I know that God chose me for her, and her for me, and I am so thankful.

We had a small party for her today... Just like she wanted it to be. It was a birthday celebration for her and a celebration of God's kindness to me.

I will post some pictures of the day soon...


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  1. Our Olivia had a birthday (1st) yesterday as well! I feel the same thankfulness as a mother.


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