Saturday, April 2, 2011

Olivia's 10th Birthday

It was so fun to have a little party for Olivia this week. Her last three birthdays were celebrated in Florida with family, which she loved, but she was really excited about being at home this time around. She had been looking forward to inviting some of her friends for the day, and had decided on the menu and the colors for her party about a month ago. She didn't ask for much, just lunch with a couple friends here on the veranda.

I am so thankful that she is still happily enjoying her girlhood, and isn't trying to be older than she really is. She picked the colors pink and white. All she wanted to do was to have a nice lunch and then play "farm" in the backyard. I love her simplicity.

Of course the party had to be on her actual birthday rather than the weekend when more girls could come. Specific dates and times are very important to her: She noted that 10:20 AM was the time of her birth. She remembers dates and details like you wouldn't believe. For instance, this week she mentioned that Rhode Island's national bird is the Rhode Island Red. RI signed the Constitution on May 29, 1790, and she got her Rhode Island Red on May 29 of last year.

Throughout the day I was captivated by the loveliness of childhood. I was trying my best to soak it all in because in a very short time this stage of life will be a pleasant memory of the past.

Last week I asked her if she wanted just girls for lunch. I'm not normally in the habit of splitting up the family on special occasions, but since she's the only girl I thought it might be special to have an all-girl, super girly time. Jon could have taken the boys out for lunch or hair cuts or some sort of boy activity, and then we would have celebrated as a family at dinner time. But for Olivia, that was totally out of the question. My heart just melted. It was very important to her that her brothers participate in every aspect of her day.

In the morning the kids helped me put up the decorations we had made. The only expense, other than food and a few simple gifts, was for a package of pink tissue paper. Over the table, I hung up the canopy which used to hang over Olivia's crib. Michael contributed by lending his crystal dragonfly as a decoration, then he took Olivia for a ride while she waited for her friends to arrive.

The girls skipped and played till lunch, with all the boys in the mix. Olivia was all smiles, and sweetly thanked me every now and then. If she only knew how much pleasure it brings me to make her happy!

Michael helped me out in the kitchen a bunch and was thrilled to serve the girls. I held my breath as he carried out the cake...

Her gifts all had to do with art and clothing... her favorite things. The rest of the afternoon was spent playing "farm" with occasional lemonade breaks on the veranda.

I just love being this girl's mommy! Just now, as I sit here at the kitchen table, the boys are playing outside in their camo with bows and various items of combat. I can hear very little conversation, just war cries and grunts. Olivia is sitting next to me with her art kit and sketch pad. I furiously love each of them, but she is my calm in an otherwise all boy world!


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  1. Kathrine, you take stunning pictures and are an incredible writer. I love how Olivia loves her brothers. It's so special. Happy Birthday to her! (and I like her, always want to celebrate on the day!)


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