Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A really long week.

I made it and survived to tell of it! The last 10 days or so were jammed packed with things to do and places to be, and I didn't know how I would survive. Yes, the Lord was good and always provides the energy I need. It would be tedious to try and list out all the things we were involved in and how I had to prepare in advance and creatively come up with solutions to multiple conflicts of schedules, but there are some things that I do want to remember in the years to come.

Michael and Olivia finished up their soccer season as of Saturday. We had three scheduled games and one practice last week, with the Wednesday game ending just in time for the kids to change for AWANA in Jon's office. I think we had a quick dinner at 4:30 that day, right after Olivia's orthodontist appointment.

Soccer season always brings dirt. That's why we often use Jon's truck... because I like my car to stay mud-free if I can help it. Thanks, Jon! But really, I think they look so cute in their soccer jerseys with legs covered in mud! 

The little boys had fun goofing off during the games. They would love to play soccer as well, but basketball was the only sport offered for their age group. Still, I was happy to expose them to a sport they were pretty much unfamiliar with before. I am so happy with the increased skill level of each of the kids this past season. They all did great.

We celebrated Michael's birthday on Thursday. Over the last several weeks I have asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday, and each time he said, "Oh, just have a cozy day at home." Really?! So I gave him a few options, and he chose ice skating with the family for half the day, and a cozy day at home for the other half. My kids have always been so easy to please for their birthdays!

I love this boy! It is hard to believe that he's eight already! It should be easier to believe because he's already taller and heavier than Olivia, which, of course, makes him feel like such a stud! He's cute and he's maturing in so many ways, which makes me so proud to be his mom. He's a leader-type and I look forward to seeing how God will use him.

My kids love to play games that involve costumes, and this costume for Michael will go a very long way. They all like to play Indian games, which I think began when we read the biography of Nate Saint. When Michael is playing,  he is somehow directing the whole thing and usually everyone is happy to go along.

He prefers ice cream over cake, so this year I made him a vanilla and coffee bean ice cream cake with a caramel layer between. I'm sure he would have liked a cup of coffee to go with it too!

Thursday was also the first of five Christmas Concerts at our church which Olivia took part in again this year. Wow, the children's choir sang beautifully! She looked so grown up with a little mascara and lip gloss! Our family sat through the whole concert on Friday night: Michael enjoyed most of it, but Andrew looked like he had swallowed a sour apple. Not his thing, apparently.

Sunday evening, after the last concert, we headed up to the N. family for our white elephant gift exchange. I ended up some stick-on chest hair. So much fun!

By the time we headed home, however, I was feeling achey all over and my throat was hurting. By Monday morning there was no doubt I had the flu. I'm so glad the most anyone else has is a mild cold, but we all know that when a mother is sick, life must go on. I managed to do the laundry for the week, but by the afternoon I had to take a nap. Feeling somewhat better after I made dinner, I headed out to TJ's to grocery shop in preparation for the week. Tuesday morning I was still feeling pretty crumby, but we had invited a dozen ministry friends for an evening Christmas party. By the afternoon I was feeling better (with the help of DayQuil), and  I managed to do almost everything I had planned on doing in preparation. Fortunately, I had done some of the baking beforehand, and I only made a couple more cookie recipes that afternoon. It was a fun time and I enjoyed the relationship building that took place.

Today was such a great day! There was NOTHING on the schedule! I SO enjoyed just being with my kids! I was able to let things go and not care about a messy house as much. It was like therapy!

Cookie crumbs on the table that I was happy to see, knowing a little someone had enjoyed one of my home baked treats! We munched happily throughout the day on clementines and cookies.

Olivia got back to her knitting because there was TIME! She's been working on this scarf since last year and  she's determined to wear it before spring. 

Andrew, who has a mild obsession with building forts, transformed our living room to his liking. Jacob likes to help, but doesn't understand the the roof is fragile and shouldn't have heavy objects place on top.

Olivia is getting pretty comfortable in the kitchen. She made some popcorn for the boys, and later we each made a separate pot of soup. With all the rain we've been having, we were craving comfort food, and I think we both needed some "girl time" in the kitchen. She made chicken and vegetable soup, and I made a French winter vegetable potage. 

Michael went with Jon for the first time to the shooting range. He brought home the target and proudly showed me how well he can aim. So glad they had some time together!

I think I'm a lot like Michael in that I prefer cozy days at home. This day especially. A cozy day at home with the people I love most.


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