Friday, May 25, 2018

Photolog: March, April, May 2018

I've said it before, like a broken record, that this season of life hasn't been conducive to blogging. I'm terribly behind posting pictures (so much, in fact, that I never even added our Christmas day images!), and I rarely find the time to write like I used to. The structure and obligations of my days no longer lend themselves to blogging like in years past. Maybe now that Jacob and Andrew's flag football season has ended I'll have a few more minutes? Probably not, if my past experiences are any indication.

The end is in sight for the school year (hip-hip-hooray!), so I'm going to do a photo dump post for the spring months. Too bad for those Christmas pictures. Maybe it's "so long" to individual birthday posts, too. I'm not going to feel bad about it; I'd rather embrace reality instead of feeling guilty about it. Not only that, but I'm committed to enjoying moments of life in the present tense before taking the time to recount the past. In a few minutes when Andrew finishes up his math, we're hopping on our bikes and heading down toward the beach for some lunch tacos. I have a strong feeling this post is going to take me a few days to assemble, even if it's with minimal commentary...

I love the simplicity of black & white. Sometimes simplicity is the most compelling~

And I love color. Color is compelling, too, especially considering these are beets! My camera has often helped me to lift beauty up out of the mundane. At times, it has saved me from being lulled into complacent duty and assisted me to delight in the commonplace. My camera has helped to give me eyes of thanksgiving.

Outdoor excursions with my kids never get old. I will surely miss romping around with them when I am old; I hope to be a granny that still climbs trees and tall ladders and hikes cliffs! Maybe I'll have the pleasure of doing it with my grandkids, too. And when we get tired of that, we'll build a fort or find a nice rock to rest on.

March is Olivia's month. This March marked 17 years of life.

My life is more than just enriched by hers. Words today seem elusive, but she is a gift from God that keeps on giving, keeps getting sweeter, keeps enhancing my life.

She and I were recently talking about her 17th year, and we both agreed that it has been a year of taking flight. Maybe it's the first in a series of years, but this one marked the testing of wings and the beginnings of soaring out independently. I am proud of her!

I used Bougainvillea from outside to decorate in a pinch the day of her birthday. The motto which says, "Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can." has been somewhat of a theme in my life. Creative resourcefulness is a challenge I fully embrace, particularly with the use of plants. 

The coconut layered cake that Olivia picked out for me to make, however, was far too rich for the return in flavor. It was a fun recipe to try, but not one I'll remake. Pick your calories carefully. 

Jack's face! Olivia is going to be a tough woman, thanks to being raised with boys. Last night, in fact, she was engaged in a sweaty wrestling match on my bedroom floor! She has a good understanding AND appreciation of the fact that guys and girls are indeed very different, and I think this will serve her well. She has always been the kind of girl that equally enjoys twirling in a good dress and facing off in a sweaty physical challenge. I like that about her.

I may not be able to keep all the traditions of the past, but I was successful at getting a b-day pic with the b-day child...

We spent the day exploring Balboa Peninsula and Balboa Island. 

Ferry ride to the island...

Side Note: California has become my home and I really love it. This transition took a long time for me. I eventually recognized that I am not entitled to the stability that "home" provides. However, in my disappointment over the years of never quite feeling the security I longed for, I had decided I shouldn't expect or even desire such comfort. So now, as long as I've got the feeling of home, I promise to savor and enjoy it.

Balboa boardwalk, where we walked/skateboarded/unicycled more miles than we expected.

Balboa Pier

My loves

Prom. I mean, PROM!!!

OK, this is a bigger deal in the US than it was in Quebec where I grew up. Maybe things have changed, I don't know, but Olivia and I had to figured things out together. I wasn't very knowledgeable about all the customary details, so probably not as much help as ideal. Her school is small, but it was a sweet event at a beautiful venue. She went with her group of friends (not all pictured). When I mentioned this was her first date, she looked at me stunned and said, "No! It's not like that!"

I think her expression here is priceless. She is a cutie!

Well, assembling this post took me nearly all week in small bits and pieces of time. There are more pictures of May but this probably exceeds what's recommended for one post... Something about loading time, I think. Hope it's not an issue.

Happy Friday, friends. Wow. Yes, just happy. Choose happy. Fight for joy.


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