Saturday, May 26, 2018

More of May

My last post was getting long, but these should have been included. One week night this month - I don't remember when - I spontaneously took off for the beach with a picnic dinner. Well, I didn't actually pack a picnic, but rather made a quick stop at the store for a roasted chicken, baguette, strawberries, and Nutella. No one complained there were no veggies, and dinner was slightly barbaric with our roasted chicken. We picked a spot close to the train station where I needed to pick up Jon after we ate, and we played a game that resembled "Whack-a-Mole" with all the ground squirrels that popped up to share our food. 

Michael was feeling under the weather and buried in homework. He sure has put in some long hours this school year! I missed him that evening. I think it's worse when only one of my kids is not with the rest of the group; two or three missing doesn't seem as bad.

Jack prefers to stay warm while Andrew doesn't ever pass up an opportunity to surf or body board.

Sketching~ one of her creative pass times

I love blues and greens...
I'm not sure who the crazy people were that associated those colors with negative feelings.
(They had their thinking clouded by depression and jealousy, maybe?)

Evening light

Father-daughter convo...
Talking college stuff, I think.

Jack and I climbed the rocks for a different view point. He took pictures of me but I didn't like them. Just saying.

Summer can't come fast enough! Memorial Day Weekend tells me the end is near!


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