Sunday, January 7, 2018

Travel Update

Welp, we made it home. We pulled in somewhere around 1:00 am PST, but it felt much later since we were coming from EST. Once on the drive home, we had to stop at a self storage place to sleep for a few minutes before continuing on. The kids were all sleeping, Jon was driving, and I was forcing my eyes to stay open lest Jon accidentally dozed off. Eventually, we switched places and I drove us home. I stayed awake by holding my abs in as hard as I could, or by squeezing my shoulder blades inward and pressing my shoulders down and holding. That may be a weird tactic, but it worked. Sometimes I'd just keep my eyes open by maintaining a shocked look on my face.

They couldn't locate our luggage, though. This is a big problem if you are a woman. Not only are some of my favorite things packed in there, but so are my hair dryer and iron, my makeup and brushes, and toiletries! I don't have backup "essentials" so my hair was huge and gnarly today and my tired, broken-out face couldn't be concealed. I was, um, glad Andrew is still feeling under the weather because that was my "excuse" for not making it to church this morning! Plus, we needed food purchased. {We recently received word our bags have been located and are en route.}

Jon preached and Olivia made it to the service as well. In my option, Jon is a rockstar. He's a committed worker and doesn't ever take an excuse. He has filled the pulpit when very sick (such as fever and nausea), or with bandaged hands following surgery and broken feet bones, and many times on the heels of international trips and little sleep.

We are glad to be back. It is always so fun to see what the kids are most eager to do following a time away, and the chatter around the kitchen proves we've been refreshed.


Scenes from the Ontario side of our visit~

The temperatures were exceptionally cold. Somehow the kids still enjoyed much outdoor play, but I couldn't tolerate my bare fingers manipulating the dials and buttons on my camera for very long. Here, Olivia experimented with bubbles. They would freeze and tear open, resembling pieces of plastic wrap.

Cousins on the Rourke side of the family, plus Captain.

A few shots around Ottawa~

I had hoped for more winter pictures overall, but I think I've become more of a Southern California girl than a hardy winter girl. Plus, they called this weather episode a Bomb Cyclone, so tromping around outside wasn't as charming in reality as it was in my expectations.

Because I have a love affair with all things white...

Winter is just beginning, so it won't be long and these bikes will be buried.

The sun sets so early. I won't lie... we all missed the sun.

Our families are precious to us, and it was a pleasure to see everyone, but I have discovered I no longer ache to live here anymore. This has been a freedom I am so thankful for.


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