Thursday, January 18, 2018

Morning Plea

This song has been on replay. It echoes something of my heart and morning prayers, my simple, honest plea.

Jon was up and out earlier than usual this morning, but I have no idea if it was the 5- or 6 o'clock hour. I snuggled down deeper after he kissed me good-bye and I watched as the foggy westward sky reflected the sunrise.

Morning prayers.

Mine are not very coherent if they were to be spoken out loud, but I'm thankful the Lord hears the words of my heart and delights in honesty more than he desires proper form and function. Maybe my prayers are not very reverent; probably they are not. I would never address royalty in a curled position, under bedsheets and with disheveled hair, with words that are often times interrupted by moments of sleep. And God is so much more than mere royalty.

These are the moments I think of God as my Abba Father, tender and compassionate to my frail human state, and setting his love and affection on me despite my condition. And despite a lack of reverence.

I want to know Him. Yes, I want to know his word, too; knowing him will come by way of knowing the Bible, for in it he reveals himself to mankind. I don't want to settle for my own creation of who God is, only the very truth he proclaims about himself. But knowing the Bible is different from knowing God, and many know the Bible without knowing God. I want to know Him.

More than that, even, is that I simply want Him. Just knowing him and wanting him. Because the knowing of a person is a far cry from relationship with that person.

I want you, God.
Cover me,
Hedge me,
Lead me,
Carry me,
Dwell with me, in me.

I love you, God; help me to love you more. Walk with me today... go before me and direct me.

I can't do it alone...

Before the fog lifts and my Bible opens, it is there I know the presence of God.


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