Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Too Hot for the Holiday Season!

On Monday morning, Olivia and I went to our local nursery and picked out a beautiful, bushy tree. We used to get the tree as a family, but the last two years she and I have strong-armed it together. OK, never mind. Even though I was ready to flex my muscles, a hunchback man named Vince loaded it without batting his eyelashes. Later, Michael and I took it off the truck together and Jon hauled it in. I strung the lights last night while most of my kids were at their youth group Christmas party, and we're hoping to decorate tonight. Michael and Olivia have loads of school work, but I'm sure they'll give us a bit of time.

So I need to make our traditional gingerbread cookies for tonight. The trouble is the weather. I'm a Canadian girl and this hot, dry weather is sapping all motivation from wanting to Christmas bake and decorate. Frankly, I feel like sunbathing today. I even bought myself two new swimsuits yesterday when I should have been Christmas shopping for others.

Christmas events are gonna be happening here, ready or not. I'd rather be ready, so I'm limiting my sit-down time to just a few minutes. No sunbathing today.

In celebration of my non-Christmasy weather and mood, I'm posting some hiking pictures from a few weeks back with my kids. I had recently completed another half marathon, so it was a rare Saturday where I didn't have to run 11-13 miles. Hiking was so leisurely in comparison.

Gold and Black is festive, yes?!

I'm a nature girl at heart, so you can be assured I'll be bringing in nature as part of my Christmas decor again.

Three kiddos squinting into the sun to give me a picture. 

Trying to video a trapdoor spider. Impressive creatures they are.

Break time over. The sun will set soon and the temps will drop and the festivities will happen. It's all good. It's always good.


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