Saturday, December 9, 2017

Morning Haze

Southern California is on fire. Again. I'm not trying to trivialize a situation that is grave for some; I'm only expressing life as it is for me...

The morning sky was hazy, ashes wafted in the hot, dry air, and the smell of burning wood seemed far too pleasant for the reality of danger and devastation. Occasionally life is deceptive like that: Destruction smells wonderful, and beauty rises from the ashes. I am reminded never to look at life without discernment or without hope. Life would be dangerous and dark without discernment and hope. "Truth and Grace" come to mind right now, and I wonder how to find that beautiful intermingling of hard and fast truth and tender, hopeful grace.

But JOY came to the world and we sing of Him who rules with truth and grace. Oh, the wonders of His love!

How this has anything to do with morning smoke heavy in the air may not make sense. Maybe it doesn't make sense, really, but when I sit to write I somehow make associations that go beneath mere observation. I'd like to think it's alright for me to explore meaning and depth to life by letting my eyes see, my mind think, and my heart hold. Truth and grace, discernment and hope, smoke and light: They make beauty together.

Making beauty together... isn't that a noble endeavor within any relationship? Beauty comes in so many forms. Maybe it's through forgiveness, or compassion; maybe it's by way of simple pleasure, understanding, memories, knowledge; perhaps by acts of service, making art, food, adventure; maybe beauty is found in healing and restoration. There are countless ways to make and experience loveliness, even in the midst of the difficulty of life. It wouldn't be a noble endeavor if it came easily and without intentionality.

In the smoky morning light (which, by the way, was more as a result of my burned French toast), Olivia let me blend her movement with golden haze. We captured beauty in a frame, made a memory for our remembrance, and pursued living beyond the boundaries of obligation and routine.


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