Friday, November 17, 2017

Bonehead Awards

On our way to Target last night, Jacob and Andrew were recounting the events of the afternoon and decided they should be recipients of the bonehead awards.

And I agree. Wholeheartedly.

I used to have a series of posts entitled "What He Said" (see examples HEREHEREHERE), but I think I should maybe start a series called "What He Did" (only one recorded example so far HERE).

I have chosen to be the kind of mom that encourages healthy exploration, (calculated) risk taking, and the development of strength and bravery through a variety of means. Some disagree with this style of parenting -- I'm OK with that. I'm fine if you feel the need to judge me critically again today. In fact, be my guest.

But let me just say that I do have my limits, and this is an example...

Yesterday I was working inside the house when I heard an explosive POW from the backyard. Michael was at my heels as we ran to see what happened. I don't remember a scream following the explosion, though Michael does. I only remember frightening silence.

Jacob and Andrew stood shocked on the edges of a large, black circle on the concrete. The stench of burned hair filled the air as the two boys stumbled to regain their senses, compromised vision and hearing disorienting them. Those things hardly factored in as I assessed the situation. No one lay unconscious, no screams of pain filled the air, words were beginning to form, and the worse case scenario was narrowly escaped. Relief. Hugs. More relief.

Then the story unfolds gradually. They had been given a few small containers of "gunpowder" and had made a little pile of sticks and flower petals to light up. I'm actually fine with that, though I'd prefer to know before such activities begin. They've done it many times before with little bits of collected gunpowder. They had decided not to combine their little containers, which was a decision that probably averted serious and permanent injury.

You see, the boys didn't have gunpowder. They were unknowingly playing with explosive black powder. (And I'm letting the dads in this case work out this situation!)

We've been praising and thanking the Lord for his protection, for a natural consequence instead of a permanent consequence.

Burn marks and singed hair, eyelashes, brows...

I am mourning the loss of his beautiful, blond-tipped eyelashes...

Hair singed to the scalp at the top of his forehead...
And to think this is the second time in two weeks this boy has wrecked his hair by fire!

Andrew has burns on his hands and thighs that are blistering today, but Jack suffered more overall damage since he was handling the lighter. Both boys were pretty shaken up for the next couple hours.

He was seated here next to me as I uploaded pictures today, so I snapped a few more.

I'm not even slightly trained at hair cutting, but he was too embarrassed to go to the barber. There's only so much I (or anyone) can do with hair that is melted to the scalp in some areas, so I'm glad he enjoys wearing hats!

Little burn marks speckle his face

He tells me his eyelashes hook together like Velcro when he closes his eyes!

So what did they say?!

"I'm never gonna light black powder again."

"Mom, we should have read the instructions on the lighter. It says, KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN." (Read with a sarcastic tone)

"I'm kinda glad that happened. It's kind of good story."



  1. Ok funny - not funny! So thankful that both boys are ok. It could have been a very different outcome. Our God is so good! (And now they know the difference between gun powder and black powder!)
    Also - you are a GREAT mom. :-)

    1. Thank you for your vote of confidence! Yes, funny/not funny! You guys must have some stories to tell, too!

  2. There have been studies done in Britain regarding playgrounds and risk taking. I think you'd find it very interesting! Good for you letting the children play and discover.

    1. Thanks, Jessica! I've come across similar studies in various articles and books, and I am convinced the benefits outweigh the risks!

      Love to you and yours! xo


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