Sunday, November 5, 2017

A Very Belated B-day Post for Jack!

There is a great divide in my life between what I intend and what actually transpires! I may wish to post birthday pictures and thoughts in a timely manner, but that seems to be unattainable in this season of life. I had hoped to get time alone with him to capture a few (candidly) posed pictures to add to his b-day post, but at this stage I'm aiming to combine his photo shoot with Andrew's later this month. We'll see how that works out...

So Jacob's 11th birthday was the first week of September! Better late than never, right? His birthday falls on or near Labor Day each year, right at the beginning of school and the sport season. It isn't an easy time to plan a party, but since he cannot imagine a celebration without his gang of friends, we often have his group of boys over after church for a pool party. It was low key as far a party-planning goes, by HIGH key on energy and noise (and mess).

I'm thankful for this group of friends, thankful for their families. God knew that this very social son of mine would need such an awesome group of guys.

The day was overcast (and lighting for pictures was weird), but if I remember correctly the boys spent 6-7 hours in the water, minus a short time for eating.

They divided into groups and played the frozen t-shirt game.

Spontaneous arm wrestling matches...

Pie Face

A messy delight..

Feeling loved. 

He has always liked a good hat. And a good party.
And being the center of attention!

For a number of years now he has asked me to make an ice-cream cake (because one of his friends doesn't like regular cake, and he knows my ice-cream cake is a favorite among his friends). He can choose two flavors, but he always chooses coffee and chocolate. Yep, he's my boy!

Celebratory sparklers I brought back from Canada in my luggage...
I'm not sure that was allowed, but now I have a case I keep with my party stuff. They have been a fun addition to songs and candles.

Jacob. My little man Jack, and such a happy part of our family. We missed him this weekend as he was away with friends at a men's campout in the desert. They shot riffles, rode quads, and got dirty and smelly. He came back with singed hair. Apparently they played a game where rolls of toilet paper were dipped in fuel and lit for a flaming game of soccer. He's a happy/tired boy today, and now I need to fix his hair.

As he was getting ready to leave last Thursday, all eager and anticipating the good times ahead, I heard him say to one of his siblings, "Yeah, but I won't see you guys so that's a bummer." He loves his family... How grateful I am!

He is fun and he is energy! We took advantage of his absence Saturday night and hung out as a family in the jacuzzi. The splashing was limited and there were no random kicks in the gut (or unmentionables) by his swimming around in a tight space.

-He loves flag football. He keeps a record of his touch downs, "jukes," and spins.
-He still loves a banana each morning.
-He loves heat, especially long, burning hot showers.
-He is currently my biggest eater, and my biggest talker.
-He loves Andrew something fierce... more than a friend, more than a brother. I don't remember the details, but some time ago I heard Andrew ask, "But how did you know?!" Jacob replied, "Because you're my brother. Don't you know we share a brain?" They are tight.
-He wraps his arms tightly around my neck when I wake him in the morning, usually before his eyes open. At night he headlocks me.
-He wants to be an electrician someday (so that he can explore people's attics), and for weekend gigs he wants to be a magician. He's learning magic tricks daily (and we are secretly tired of participating in all his card tricks). He carried his cards in his pocket at Halloween, hoping someone would ask for a "trick." Sadly, no one did. Treats are all the rage these days, but I think tricks would be better! ;)
-Recently he woke up and told me: "I had the best dream last night! I was a really awesome magician and I won a competition. My prize was the world's biggest banana!" He is super consistent, even in his dreams.
-He is tender-hearted, tender to the things of the Lord...

Being his mom has been one of my greatest delights!


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