Friday, May 12, 2017

Thoughts in Passing

Evidently, I celebrate Friday when they come around. I’m sitting at our charter school while my younger boys are taking their elective classes, now having finished up registration for next year’s classes. In a few minutes I’ve got to run over to the high school and drop off forms for Michael’s file. The charter and homeschool related admin that hits me at this time of year is unreal.

But then this hits me harder: Michael will be starting high school, and Andrew junior high. How?!

I am proud of each of them. So very happy to see them accomplishing and becoming. It’s so good to look back and to consider all the progress and effort, difficulties overcome, growth. I have to remind myself not to always look at today, but to lift my gaze up and to look all around. Backward, forward, up.

God has brought change in my life and promises to bring more change ahead. It’s good to look back and remember, and to look forward with hope. In the same way, I look at my kids with such pleasure, proud of where they are and hopeful about the future.


I woke up this morning in pain. It was late, and my lateness meant that everyone was now running behind. I dragged myself to the shower and began running hot water, all the while thinking that the day was looking pretty rotten from the get-go. I stood there in the stream of water as nausea flooded me and overwhelmed me. Hair half wet, I wrapped my towel around myself, went back to my side of the bed, and used all the mental tricks I learned from months (years, if you add them up) of horrid morning sickness. This was not how I had planned the day to go.

As soon as I could, I made my way downstairs, still only in a towel, to tell the others they’d need to take care of the morning routine on their own.

I showered and joined them later, where I found things humming along nicely. I was surrounded by eager helpers, some taking the initiative to do what needed to be done without being asked. There was no obligation, no grumbling, only cooperation. I felt loved.

Looking to mother’s day this weekend, the events of this morning were such a gift to me. In a round about kind of way, I saw the gift I have in my kids. I love who they are, the people they are becoming, and I'm so thankful to be living life with them.


Playoffs start tonight. We have four games scheduled, and as I glance at the clock I can see that I need to get my game plan figured out. Two games have been rescheduled, so four is more manageable than six. Still, I need to have people at different locations since warm-up times and games overlap for my various players. The most frustrating thing is when I spend an equal amount of time driving and searching for parking as I do cheering for my boys. It's alright, though. And the boys love it.

... So I'm off. Game on!


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