Monday, May 8, 2017

Everyday Beauty

We filled our trunk with these pretties at the roadside flower stop. Yeah, we shop the roadside. Other times we shop the back lots and utility sites for branches of eucalyptus or pine. Sometimes we pretend we are stealing, and we hurry before being caught, but it's just for added fun. These were about to be mowed down by the city anyway, so I couldn't miss an opportunity to rescue them and put them to an honorable use. 

A few hours later, we came home and I just plunked them into the largest container my eyes found as I scanned the house briefly, and now they grace my dining room table. I'm not as much of a decorator as I would like, but finding overlooked beauty or using regular items in thoughtful ways has always been fun to me. Pretty things are everywhere, often in the most unlikely places. Unpresuming beauty is my favorite.


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