Sunday, August 16, 2015


It turns out that this summer did not give me the time to journal here the way I had hoped. Frankly, it could just be that my season for blogging is passing. My time for writing seems to be disappearing as my kids are growing and the days are getting longer. They are staying up later, and the shrinking amount of time in the evening is taken up with more pressing obligations. I'm not sure what's going to happen when school starts up again soon, but I'm not expecting more time.

Our trip east and north last month seems to be far behind us already, and the task of posting pictures of our time in NYC has been nagging at me all month. I didn't tote my dslr with me the entire time (because it's heavy and Jon did say we should try not to look like tourists!), and we saw much more than I photographed. Our visit was a nice little attachment to our time in Canada, thanks to Jon's out-of-the-box planning. He has forever wanted to take us there, as his goal is to take us to all the major US cities. He just loves NYC, and I personally enjoyed it much more than I expected!

Our first walk through Manhattan was at midnight or so, after a ferry ride from Staten Island (and past Lady Liberty all lit up). Still, there were people everywhere as the city really is one that never sleeps. The next couple of days we stayed in Times Square. The kids and I spent an afternoon exploring on our own as Jon had to return our rental car to the airport and ride the subway back. The kids were surprised at how small the New Year's Eve ball really is (one of the few things they recognized from TV), and how busy the whole place is at all times.

A little bewildered at this point, we sat and people watched. We didn't really want to do all the touristy things, but rather get a sense for what life in the NYC is like.

So many buildings! The new and the old are mixed together with such a variety of architectural style and character. There is history all around, history in the making. I liked this glass building blending in with the sky, but I think I'd enjoy living in a brick building better.

The Freedom Tower. Such an impressive site.

Ground Zero. Olivia was 6 months old when it all happened, so I know my kids all feel more removed from the events than Jon and I do. Still, it was sobering for us all. These are such a massive monuments and I don't believe any of us will forget.

More buildings everywhere. It strikes me as almost baffling that people can live here all the time. It's cool and all, but I would quickly begin to crave space and greenery and trees and sky. And the sound of silence.

We visited the Financial District late in the evening, so the lighting for pictures was really bad. Sometimes seeing with the eyes is better anyway, so I didn't mind the times I couldn't take pictures.

I could navigate the streets just fine, but I was glad Jon could navigate the subways. Otherwise, I'd be lost in the underground!

We'd walk 7-10 miles per day. Jack did awesome, but he was tired by late night!

A short lunch break outside the NYC Public Library.

Grand Central

I experienced with keeping my shutter open for a few seconds. Can you spot Olivia standing still in the next shot, and Jon in the following, while there is movement all around?

Rockefeller Center

And the Rockefeller Lego Store, where Jacob and Andrew spent their souvenir money from Grandma. (Olivia bought a pretty necklace with a feather pendant. Michael couldn't bear to spend his  money on a trinket, and a designer watch cost too much, so he pocketed his cash. He is saving for an iPod.)

We made it to Central Park as the sun was setting. Some people, who were making these giant bubbles at the gate, invited my kids to join them. Of course they were eager to do so.

Later, the kids caught fireflies in Central Park and we took a nice walk by lamplight. Olivia and I wanted to return in the daylight, but because of rain we never did make it back.

There were plenty of other highlight though. For one thing, I chanced upon Free People and Tocca sample sales in the garment district close to our hotel while googling some other information. I wasn't familiar with Tocca, but now Olivia and I share one of their pretty skirts. We both found many things that were such a good deal, and so NOT Gap! Jon and the boys were happy to assist us. Jon acted as our personal shopper/stylist, and Michael carried our heavy bag in the rain for miles. We nearly had to buy another suitcase.

Another fav was the Chelsea Market. If only we needed groceries... If only we could have had a dinner party before flying home. The styling of the shops was also captivating.

Jon and I would like to go back some day, just the two of us. I got the lay of the land this time around, but a show and some fine dining would be fun, too. On the other hand, the soup we had from the Soup Nazi (Seinfeld) was delicious and the show of life on the street was entertaining.

We enjoyed it all. Thanks Jon!


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