Monday, August 3, 2015

A Few Boy Things

It's already getting late in the day, but it certainly has been a good one. I was up early, drove to the church and back three times because it's VBS week and everyone is somehow involved, and I accomplished a bunch of nagging but essential jobs. The children are in bed earlier than usual (even though some napped in the living room this afternoon) and my dinner table is spread wide with recipe books, shopping lists, and menu ideas. I've got the pleasure of hosting a dinner meeting with the leaders of our church's youth department later this week, and I'm super excited about our time together. That group is just so special to me. I'm so thankful for the way they are investing in Olivia's life (and soon Michael's), and I just want to make the evening helpful and enjoyable to them. It's a small way to say thank you and to contribute to their ministry in whatever way I can.

So before I finish up for the evening, I wanted to post these pictures. Boys. Who know I'd be a mother to several? I never imagined it to be so interesting. I don't claim to be an expert in raising boys, but it seems to me it's important to enter their world now and then, and to give them the sense that I enjoy them.

Favorite green beetles. Those things have claws sort of like teeth. Kinda cool if I let myself look closely.

He thought I would enjoy this...

Incidentally, I found a small lizard sunning itself in the house yesterday. It's good to have boys around  for those types of things, too.

And then there is Michael, the resident comic.

Andrew made the cutest alligator mask out of paper and tape. He is brainstorming for the VBS dress-up day because there are points involved and he wants his team to win. He wasn't impressed by it (because he is the resident perfectionist), but it is the most amazing thing. He fashioned it so that the mouth of the alligator opens and closes when he opens and closes his mouth, no hands involved. He has a way with paper, that's for sure! 

Ok, time to move on with the evening...


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