Friday, July 3, 2015

June (Pt. 2)

Looks like June ended before I posted my follow-up post. This blog has been on the back burner for several reasons, mainly because I'm choosing to just live life with my family and sort through the events of recent months in a more private manner. Plus, June brought all sorts of computer/tech related issues for me. After the crash of my hard drive several weeks ago, I've been forced to learn new things and to rework the way I've done things in the past. This is hard for me since absolutely nothing is just "intuitive" and straight forward as some would suggest. No, no. I am clearly a moron in the tech department, and it could be that I was born in the wrong era.

But learning is good, as frustrating as it may be at times. I'm currently irritated by the lack of crispness in my uploaded pictures here, and why the problem is inconsistent. I've checked and re-checked all the steps, check and un-checked the related boxes... but to no avail.


June has wrapped up. It was a nice month, full and relaxing, a time of transition. I've made it a goal to set apart time with just the kids away from home and separate from responsibility, and the beach was on the top of our list each week. We wanted to explore the tide pools at this particular enclave at least once this summer, since this type of beach day is so different from riding the waves. The kids are at a fun age, and picking up and heading out is so simple in comparison to when they were all little. We listened to fun music as we drove, the younger boys counted trucks (stopping at 1000 just before arriving home that night-- Andrew likes things nice and even!), and another time together was slipped into the memory bank.

They are all fascinated explorers. Maybe that is innate to all children. I believe curiosity just needs to be fed by parents before it dies out. The best way to snuff out appreciation for nature and inquisitiveness in general is to keep children indoors and in front of a screen. That's just my opinion, of course, but I'm holding on to it with conviction!

A warm southern current brought these little red crabs from Mexico. Thousands upon thousands had been washed ashore.

I manually focused into my shadow to see through the glare of the water.

Our little spot

First batch of cherries this summer-- Olivia divided them evenly among our hats.

No one realized we had ALL brought our hats. When we started unloading, one of the kids said, "Oh great! Now we look like homeschoolers!"

Heading out together with their portions of cherries.

This picture makes me smile. Andrew's face, his funny way of doing things, his tender heart...
Here we were nursing a deep gash on the sole of his foot. It is necessary to carry band aids nearly everywhere we go.

At home, the pool continues to provide endless entertainment. They were having a "Swords & Boards" competition where two kids stand on a surf board each, and fight with foam swords till one person falls in. Michael constructed this victory crown.

Olivia stands her own among the boys!

Father's Day is in June, of course, and this year the kids followed tradition and made another poster board for Jon. We have quite the collection of funny drawing, inside joke, and little notes of appreciation to display each year. In Jon's generous manner, he took us out and bought the kids a short board on this day. 

The beach again. It still amazes me that we live so close; I'm just so thankful. Everyone seems to be at the beach now that school is out, and our local surf spot brings all sorts of crowds. It's OK cause some of us are people watchers! After several days of surfing, Michael opted to hang out with local fishermen while Olivia and her friend honed their surf skills. I'm generally not one to take pictures in crowed places, so these sandy ones of Jack is all I've got for now.

I found Jack up on the fence one evening, checking out the neighbor's fig tree. He is impatiently waiting the arrival of big, beautiful beetles that come each year to feast on ripe figs. (Click HERE to see what he is waiting to do.)

Waiting for me to trim his hair in the evening glow of sunlight 

And then there is this man-- The love of my life. He has kept me standing, moving forward and stable, and he does it in ways he doesn't even realize. I've been so thankful to the Lord for him! 

Two are better than one; if one falls the other lifts him up again (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10).


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