Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday, At Long Last!

The school week finally came to a close. What a relief! That makes for one less thing to think about.

It has been hot and sticky here, with the forecast only promising it to get worse. September is feeling like summer more than July and August did, and by the afternoon I'm pretty much melted and deplete of energy. But Fridays seem to call for something a little special and I've learned that if I have even the smallest desire to do something fun with my kids, I'm best to run with it. I asked them if they wanted to hop on our bikes and head to the beach. Because of the heat, the boys nearly chose to play Legos instead and Olivia would have been content to lounge on the sofa with a book. We almost didn't go, but we are all glad we did. Swim suits, water bottles, and camera were our basic gear.

The water was wonderfully warm, and we stayed as long as we could. We had a late dinner of oatmeal with fruit and nuts in exchange for more time at the beach, since Jon wasn't going to be home till later in the evening. One of my boys said it was the best beach trip ever. I'm not sure about that, but it certainly was lovely.

Tomorrow morning we'll be at the soccer field at 7am, so everyone is tucked in and the car is loaded. I am much more of a night person, but it's probably best if I call it a day.

Good night and happy weekend!



  1. The Lord has really blessed you, friend! It makes me happy to see these gorgeous beach pictures and to think that the Lord has given you such a beautiful place to call home.

    1. Yes, it's so true! And we haven't forgotten it!

      Love to you and your family...

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  3. Beautiful! So happy that you got a break from this heat!


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