Monday, June 16, 2014

Our Father's Day Tradition

The kids and I have sort of fallen into a Father's Day tradition, and this year was no exception. We keep things pretty simple around here, but we hope it communicates a simple message-- that is, we think Jon is a pretty great dad. We are all so thankful for the role he plays in our lives.

Several years ago we decided to make a poster for Jon instead of cards, and we have done the same each year since. And every year I take out and display the old posters along with a newly created one. The kids write or draw what they remember of their dad over the previous year: funny things he says and does, things they appreciate about him, things they enjoy doing with him, etc. Here are a few glimpses...


Jacob drew himself with his beloved housecoat next to Jon in the morning.

Olivia fashioned a suit for Jon out of scraps of fabric and glued them onto her drawing of him preaching.

Yes, this was the year Jon hunted possums in his PJ's, trying to save Olivia's beloved chickens. 



This was the year Jon took some flying lessons.

More killings. This is what sticks out to the boys, I guess. Jon is not actually a hunter, just a controller of urban pests!


We had a problem with rats outside of one house we rented. I love this picture Michael drew!


Jon had smashed his toe moving a large safe...

I love our green faces! Maybe we are jealous for each other?! No, it's actually because Andrew is color blind, as are all of my boys. 

I couldn't parent very well without Jon, and I'm so thankful to God has entrusted us to Jon's care. I am thankful to be partnering with him in the task of raising kids. Parenting is hard stuff; we certainly have not been exempt from many difficulties and trials in our years of raising kids, nor have we been immune to many shortcomings and failures. We pray that together we would be faithful to the end, humbly pointing our kids to Christ, and raising a godly generation. And we pray for God's divine assistance.

I need him very much in this task. I am thankful for his godly counsel and instruction, leadership, example, provision, protection, discernment, and encouragement. 

Jon-- Thank you.


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