Friday, December 20, 2013

His Big Day

His day finally came. The rains dried up, the sky was clear, and though he tried to contain his excitement, he could hardly stop grinning.

Lots of pictures here. My dad will want to see these, but I must say the 2pm sun sure made picture taking a challenge for me!

This bi-plane was made in 1941 and designed as a military pilot trainer. The paint colors and insignias are Army Air Corps training colors prior to WWII. Two passengers can sit in the front seat, while the pilot sits in the rear cockpit. (For my dad-- It's a WACO UPF-7.)

I have to admit: I was so jealous I didn't get to go up with him! But what a fun memory for Michael and Jon!

Then the rest of us waited, and occupied ourselves in various ways...

They flew down and back up the coast. Michael said it was so loud it felt like it was quiet. (I think I can relate to that in some areas of my life!) Apparently they took their goggles off to see what it felt like, and by their description it didn't sound pleasant to the eyeballs!

Coming back in and circling to the runway...

A happy boy with something to remember the rest of his life....


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