Monday, December 23, 2013

A Few December Thoughts

Sitting here tonight with the tree lights casting a soft warmth into an otherwise cold and dark room fills me with gratefulness. It's cozy and satisfying at the end of a full day. Jon and I are both under the weather with soar throats and coughs given to us by our dear children. I suppose illnesses are a given during the month of December. At least that seems to have been the case for us over the years. One year my kids had a stomach flu on the 24th and 25th, and we flew out for Canada before the sun was up on the 26th. It was an exhausting attempt at doing Christmas all normal, then taking the tree down and packing suitcases after the kids were in bed. I'm thankful that I'm not living those days over again this year.

But I am thankful in better ways too. It's easy to think that everyone's Christmas season is lovely and glittery and magical, at least according to much of what we see around us and on various media. In reality, this is a time of year that is so difficult for so many people. I told Jon the other day that I wouldn't be surprised if statistically there are more deaths in the month of December than any other month. So many people we know are by sick beds and death beds this month. In a way these things are sobering during a time when we want sparkle and festivities. They remind us of what is true, that we are a desperate and needy people, broken, diseased, wretched.

But God! He came for us, lived among us, and died to redeem us.

And so a weary world rejoices!


Tonight the whole family played Sardines in the dark. Our kids love it when Jon and I play. Olivia had the best hiding spot; we all searched the closet where she was, but she some how avoided all our poking through the hanging clothes. We eventually gave up, thinking maybe she had broken the rules and hid outside. One time I was the first to find Jon, and we hid alone together for a moment. Staying alone would have been nice for a bit, but Andrew was too quick to join us. So much for kisses in the dark while the rest look for us!

Tomorrow will be full of preparations for Christmas Day since we will be hosting more people than I can seat. I am thankful to have a home I can fill with people at Christmas time. I am thankful that I am learning to see "family" in different ways, thankful that I am learning that everything doesn't need to be just right and all glittery and fabulous to be meaningful. I am thankful that God is teaching me to see past the surface to what is meaningful, purposeful, and lasting. I'm learning to see His goodness in new places.

I wanted to come here tonight and recount a bit of our life this past month, but my head is pounding and I'm pretty sure I should be in bed by now. I had more things to write than pictures to post, but I guess I'll have to save the words for another time. A few pics to remember December 2013--

Skating with friends

The first present under the tree this year was from Andrew to me. This year our kids asked for nothing. Nothing. I tried several ways to get some suggestions, and they simply didn't come. Jon and I are super blessed by their contentment. It makes me extra happy right now as I look at all the little packages under the tree.

This month has been all about Jack's teeth. His resistance to losing those front teeth have been uncharacteristic of him. He has been very dramatic about it all. It finally came out last night.

December always includes puzzles and peppermint hot chocolate.

From our family to your's, Merry Christmas!


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