Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Brothers and "Sisters"

Another long weekend gone by, and summer is just around the corner! Hooray!

This weekend I finally began to come out of the sickness that the kids so kindly passed on to me (including pinkeye!) and sleep is returning to this body much deprived of it. A casual weekend provided just the down time I needed to begin recovering from the spasmodic coughing with ear and throat pain that prevented me from resting. Sickness always makes me regret my lack of thankfulness for good health!

Michael and Olivia were away from Friday to Monday on a camping trip with friends. I was so happy for them to have this experience, not only for the camping but also for the time away from our supervision. Since their return we have had good, yet causal, conversations about their choices and interactions. Stories of their fun times continue to surface, and I am thankful for the friends who included my kids with their families.

It was super sweet to have just the little boys at home, too! Oh my goodness, I just loved to see their friendship! They love each other so much, and interact with such affection. Many times I noticed that one boy would lay his arm across the other's shoulder as they talked, and exchanges of "I love you" were frequent. There was literally only one single (and minor) disagreement in all four days! I am blessed to have these little brother-friends for sons.

One thing I learned that may seem obvious to some: Two kids is definitely a whole lot easier than four. It was quieter, cleaner, calmer. I always thought that once you're in kid-mode, the actual number of kids doesn't make a huge difference. I've now been proven wrong. Yes, I enjoyed the quiet, but I also missed the energy of having my whole gang. I love calm. I mean I really, really love calm. But I am certain that having lots of kids around me makes me happy.

(His distorted goggle-face makes me laugh every time!)

Sisters. We refer to our little group of chickens as the "sisters". They are teenager chickens now, and very much loved by my kids. They just might be the most spoiled group of chickens you will ever come across!

 (From left to right: Blackie, Ginger, Gretel, and Lulu)

Although Olivia has long been referred to as the "chicken whisperer" for the way she studies the chickens' personalities and because of her ability to make them do as she wishes, Jacob is known for his affection toward his girl, Blackie. He's an affectionate guy, yes, but this is unreal. Blackie may look stressed out if you look at her feet, but be assured that they are dangling freely in total relaxation and mutual affection!

This weekend the boys had carried the "sisters" up a tree and perched them on a branch. They were happy to sit there while the boys played, but later in the afternoon I noticed that the chickens were missing from our yard. Oops! They had been forgotten up in the tree!

They are happy to meander around the yard all day if we let them, and they come back to their coop as the sun sets in the evening.

This morning I found Jacob snuggling with his chicken out on the deck. Within the few moments it took me to snap a couple pictures, Blackie had fallen asleep in the warmth of his house coat. Jacob sat very still and didn't come in for breakfast until his darling awoke.

Tonight as I reflect on the last few days, I am struck with the grandness of simple pleasures-- blessings from God.


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  1. Wow. I can't believe you can manage to write with a trip coming up. God must give you 30 hours a day! Enjoyed the post. Have a wonderful trip! I'll miss ya!


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