Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Green is better than gray.

We woke up to colder-than-expected temps this morning, with a thick fog enveloping our house. A marine layer is not unusual in the morning, and typically I enjoy this blanket of stillness around us. It can look mysterious and exotic, and gives a sense of coziness and calm as we start the day.

But by the afternoon, it seemed that the fog had enveloped our day. No longer was it pretty, but gloomy and gray. By the time our work was done, the kids were a little irritable and asking for something to watch. For a moment I thought that might be a convenience for me, since I have a pint of paint sitting on the counter just waiting to cover closet floor boards.

Maybe I should have taken the opportunity to finish those closets, but I know what cranky kids and Netflix leads to: arguments about what to watch, worse attitudes by evening, and the regret of wasted time. And one look at that can of gray paint, and-- no thank you!

"Grab a sweater, guys! We're leaving in 10 minutes..." They were ambivalent at first, but I know from experience that it's always more fun to be out in nature. It's like a special remedy to all sorts of ills, a sweet grace of God.

Our destination was a toss up between the beach/pier and the forest, both a few minutes away. From the road we chose the forest, and it was just the thing we needed. Thanks to recent rain, we found vibrant color to alter our mood.

Someone spotted this little guy from the road, so I pulled over...

Before they ran off to explore, I asked if I could please have a picture of everyone. It seems a half miracle when I get one with everybody actually looking.Then they were off, straight up the side of the mountain. And I was right there with them.

With such thickly overcast skies, plus the day winding down, I had to crank up my ISO and hope for the best. My blurry pictures are better than a day cooped up inside...

Sliding down is nearly as fun as climbing up. Except when I fell... ouch.

Michael and I just love fern. He was excited to show me each patch he discovered.

I never know with Olivia. Sometimes she dresses in old jeans and takes along a pocket knife and a length of rope, other times she dresses up. I like that about her.

I don't take natural greenery for advantage anymore... Not living in Southern California, or especially after a dozen years in L.A. My kids enjoy and appreciate the outdoors, and I cherish the memories we have together.


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