Friday, February 8, 2013

Fun Weather

In some ways I miss the change of season and variety of weather I enjoyed growing up; for the most part I really enjoy the temperate weather of coastal California. This morning was quite spectacular with dark navy clouds and golden sunshine streaming through. By breakfast time the wind had picked up and our windows were pelted with hail. Then rain, then sun, then sun and rain combined. During my kids' P.E. class, my mom-friends hung out with me in my car while our kids hoped for more rain out in the field. Later, the steady shower outside of the library window where I sat tempted me to rest my head on the table and close my eyes. I didn't. Now, from my bedroom window I see puffs of gray lined with gold, the ocean reflecting majestically, the palms swaying and the trees shuddering. This is our winter.

But wait, last Friday was gorgeous and warm out! It was the toasty kind of warm that makes me want to take my socks off and let my feet feel the sun. This also is our winter!

Michael had been asking about the beach all of January, so after my kids finished up their P.E. class last week we packed up for an afternoon out. It was a surprise for my kids. I've learned that if I have even the smallest bit of desire to do something fun and spontaneous, I am best just to go with it. There will always be reasons not to, but I think my older self in 50 or 60 years would advise me to enjoy God's blessings now. The work will always be waiting, but my kids are growing fast. Time is a gift not to be squandered!

 Michael-- Always impervious to the cold. OK, a wetsuit helps, but the water is still quite frigid.

Presently, my kids are packing up for a sleepover tonight. That means Jon and I have a date night and the house to ourselves! Oh, whatever shall we do?! So thankful for a sweet friend who spontaneously offered, and excited about spending time with Jon alone.

Happy weekend everyone!


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