Thursday, August 16, 2012

Second Annual Sleep-Out

Open-air sleeping was on the summer list again. Jon did not grow up camping, and he thinks he doesn't like it, but it was the only way my family vacationed growing up. Either we went camping or we drove to my grandpa's log cabin deep in the Laurentian's with all of our cousins. Since the cabin could not house everyone, most of the kids ended up camping anyway. I loved it.

Jon has been out of town this week, and it was our last opportunity before the structure of the school year puts a damper on late nights and sleepy days, at least till our routine is established and good, strong days provide for a little flexibility. Sadly, this is the closest my kids have ever been to camping; fortunately, they know of several other ways to spend vacation time, and so I don't feel entirely sorry for them.

We started off with dinner outside...

Then we set up our little area on the hardscape. Three of my kids slept sideways on one mattress, and Andrew and I slept on the other. We placed ourselves so that our heads were all together.

We chatted till late, and one by one fell into a cozy, contented sleep until about 6:30.

Andrew slept the latest, which is very unusual for him.

Michael likes to cocoon himself into his sleeping bag. Peek-a-boo!

Jacob brought Olivia and I each a good morning flower. He can't decide who he wants to marry; since Michael has long ago claimed Olivia, I guess Jacob will have to settle for me ;)

She examined her blossom while the boys bounced and played around her. She cracks me up, this little lady...

I can't wait for Jon to come home later this afternoon! He just called to say he's about to take off from his layover in Dallas. I don't mind being on our own, but I do love having him home!


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