Thursday, May 24, 2012

Michael's New Look

A year ago this month I posted some pictures of Michael before we began the process of correcting his underbite. You can see those pictures here. At the time I thought the expander would be in place for a short time, but I had misunderstood the treatment plan. The cranking only lasted for the expected two weeks, but he had to endure the awkwardness of the expander on the roof of his mouth in addition to braces for the whole year. Still, I am amazed at what an orthodontist can do over a relatively short period of time.

Last week Michael's top and bottom braces were removed, along with the expander. Here's the new look:

With the purpose of the photo being his teeth, he was having a hard time smiling naturally!

He picked blue glow-in-the-dark retainers, with little pictures of Angry Birds. That's Michael for you! Phase 2 will begin in a few years once his canines come in.

Speaking of new looks, I'm wondering where his blue eyes have gone?! They used to be sooo blue! I do think his current color is quite handsome, don't get me wrong!

And finally, have you all seen Jon on the June issue of Men's Health?

Just kidding! But several people have noted the similarities, and my little boys are still convinced it's their daddy! I think the hat is kinda girly myself... Jon would never wear that! And he doesn't try to seduce me with bacon, thank goodness!



  1. Oh my goodness! That totally has similarities to Jon! Michael is a sweetie!

  2. Michael looks soooo handsome.I love the look.
    This is really sad but I thought the pic was eyes must be failing me......pretty sad when a mother doesn't know her own son.:-)
    Love you all.

  3. Hilarious! You know Mike Rowe from dirty jobs? His voice, humor, and mannerism remind me of Jon. Michael is so handsome.


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