Sunday, April 22, 2012

What He Said...

Suddenly it all made sense. I had a standing laundry question and here's how the answer was revealed to me:

Last week we finished up dinner early and decided to go to the beach for a walk as the sun set. The first mistake Jon and I made was to assume we would actually walk together rather than watch the kids play by the water; I suppose just regular walking is not exciting enough for our kids. Our second mistake was to assume the boys could stay dry. Normally I don't assume this, but for some reason I guess I didn't take a moment to think of the obvious.

So of course all the boys got wet. Jacob was the first to get drenched when a larger-than-expected wave knocked him over and swept him a short distance. Here he is after Jon pulled off his t-shirt and wrapped his jacket around him...

He wasn't very happy and tried to fake a smile. Suddenly he remember just how smart he is and said,

"It's a good thing I'm wearing three pairs of underwear!"

What? Apparently it was cold in the morning so he put on three pairs of underwear to warm up before dressing in shorts and a t-shirt. Yep, smart boy!

Later when the sun had set and we returned to Jon's truck, I asked the boys to take their clothes off and ride in their undies. Normally this is no big deal around here. If clothes are wet and caked with sand (picture that from head to toe), they are peeled off and thrown into the back of the truck to minimize the mess. One of my sons is very free about this; he often does a little dance right there in public as I shoo him into the car. This time, however, he was reluctant to take off his jeans, asked for a towel and continued to hesitate. 

Why? Turns out this boy forgot to put on underwear. How does one forget that? Is that a sign of brilliance, too?

So there you have it, folks! Now I know why at the end of the week I fold a heaping stack of underwear for some, and two or three for others! 


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