Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Field Trip

We love days when we ditch the text books and head out on a field trip. I've been wanting to take everyone to the USS Midway for a while, but since Jon wanted to come too, finding wide open day that coordinated with his schedule also took a while.

It was amazing, and though I am not American, I felt a sense of pride and gratefulness.

I took few indoor pictures because of space and lighting. The planes were cool, yes, but I was really impressed with the small city this aircraft carrier contained. The living quarters, conference rooms, kitchens, and technical rooms of all sorts... every space used up brilliantly, yet completely maze-like to me.

Michael listened to the self-guided audio tour, and informed me of all the neat stuff he learned. Andrew and I liked the bombs and artillery.

They didn't know I was taking a picture, but I liked how they happened to be evenly spaced. I wonder what they were each thinking about as they looked out...

On our way home we stopped at an architectural salvage store that Jon found and figured I would like. Wow! I dream of redoing houses all the time, and I just love pieces like these! The whole place was so visually interesting. I just might need to go back when there's more time-- and a house to fix!

Yes, please!

And now, dinner must be made...


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