Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy and Unusual


I rocked my little nephew to sleep tonight. What a treat! He was born last August but I just met him for the first time this week. It has been a happy week with the visit of my mom, sister, and my two little nephews.

I am enjoying seeing the cousins getting to know each other, catching up with my sister and my mom, and showing them around the place we are now calling home. It feels good to speak in French again, and to share details of our lives that don't get communicated over the phone or through emails.


This is all extra special because of how infrequently we see each. Although in the last couple years we have been able to travel to Canada a few times, it has been a long time since my family has come south to spend time on our stomping ground. Michael was a baby the last time my sister flew down, and my mom hasn't come out in nearly three years. I believe this is the first time I've ever had my mom and sister together in my home! 

Yep, this is an unusual visit I am pretty happy about!



  1. wow you speak two languages. i have a new respect for you!!

  2. Enjoy your time together.So glad you are able to have a visit.

  3. Melissa~ I grew up speaking two languages; it wasn't something I had to work at. My respect goes to adults like you who make the effort to learn a new language, especially when it's for the sake of the gospel!


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