Saturday, January 28, 2012


I nearly titled this post "A Get-Away" but decided against it because it implies there was something I wanted to get away from. That is not at all the case.

Last night I had the pleasure of doing something I have wanted to do for a very long time: I spent the night at a hotel alone. This may sound like a strange thing to dream of to some, I know, but ever since my kids were little, when the days were long and I often felt depleted, I have dreamed of taking a little vacation somewhere by myself. It didn't matter where because all I needed was a quiet place away from distractions and constant needs. I have dreamed of a quiet extended time for myself just to recharge. The need was not to get away, or to take a break from something I didn't like, but to simply refocus.

When Michael and Olivia were invited to an out-of-town over-night birthday party, it seemed like the perfect opportunity. I could have stayed with friends-- and in a sense I felt a little guilty not taking the opportunity-- but the time alone would allow me to do much needed thinking, praying, and reading.

I am a wife, yes, and a mom. Full-time, everyday. I love it all, but I have sensed in my soul that I've needed a time to be quiet, to exhale, and then to breathe deeply. I've needed an extended time with the Lord, because, after all, I am not just a wife and a mom. More importantly, I am the daughter of the King.

So I packed an entire suitcase for just one night. I had just the necessary personal affects, loads of books, my Bible and a notebook. I was in such a hurry to check in that I nearly decided to forgo having dinner. However, since I'd already skipped lunch in the busyness of leaving some at home and taking others to a sleep-over, I decided I'd rather not interrupt my time if I got hungry later. I checked in at 7pm and wasn't even a little temped when the front desk girl told me about the pool, spa, and gym (well maybe a little temped about the idea of exercising). Then, all giddy inside because I felt so grown-up, I nearly ran to my room!

I brought my computer, but decided not even to turn it on because I could so easily get sucked in and end up wasting time. I was even prepared to stay up most of the night if I could have managed it!

It was grand. It was a time to be still, to read and pray, and listen. Exhale, inhale. Repeat.

And I recharged in other practical ways as well. I read on the subject of parenting, educating and stimulating my children's interests. I had my camera along with a manual that I looked at for a little while, more as a mental break from all the rest.

Once I couldn't fight my sleepiness any longer, and the lights were off, I opened the drapes to allow the sunlight in as soon the sun came up over the horizon. My alarm sounded at 5:30 and I got back to business till 8:30 when I checked out.

At home tonight, without really intending to, we kind of celebrated being back together. We had lamb and an array for fresh vegetables, candles and bubbly drinks for everyone.

I'm glad to be back.


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  1. Katherine- I have dreamed about this as well! You inspired me to try this idea out! So you didn't eat at all? :) that sounds lovely! I don't know when or how we would do it, but I would love to do this!


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