Saturday, January 21, 2012

Because they make me smile...

I can't look at this set of pictures without smiling!

The soldier-like pose: Still, not everyone is looking in the right direction.

My boys have the attention span of a gold fish...

They pretty much posed themselves for all these shots. I love the closeness I captured between Olivia and Andrew that day.

Whistling as he drives his lady around town...

Today has been rainy, with little bursts of sunshine this afternoon. We took most of the day off school yesterday because we had the opportunity to hang out in some of the most pretty places in California. Knowing that the next few days will bring rain, we went for it. Today, however, we're playing catch up on school and house work. It's been nice thought. At this point the work has been completed and everyone is relaxing in their own way, except for Jon who is studying. Some are fighting colds, so the energy level is lower than usual. The window is open next to me, and the smell of bread baking in the oven fills the air.

For me it has been a day full on wondering, dreaming, and hoping. Things that I have prayed about for so many years still remain unanswered as either a "yes" or a "no": no forward progress and no resolution. So I wait. At times I get impatient; today I am hopeful.

Either way, it is all in the Lord's timing and for that I am very grateful. He understands my thoughts, knows the desires of my heart, and has written all of my days in His book. I don't want to hold any of those things as my own possessions, and if He is pleased to grant me anything at all, He will do it in His own timing. For now He is pleased to have me wait.

My favorite out-takes...


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