Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fun, Sunny Day

Some days are simply too pretty to stay home, so when I can I like to find a place to take the kids on a field trip. The trouble is that nearly everyday is a pretty day!

Yesterday was especially grand because Jon was able to join us. Then, to top it all off, the kids were so tired from the day that the evening was entirely for Jon and me to enjoy together.

I only had my 50mm lens, so most of these are closer up than I'd like them to be...

Loved this needle point in the captain's cabin... "Peace, Be still"


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  1. Hi Katherine! My name is Sarah, and I have a question about your trip that you have pictured on your blog. My ultimate goal is to track down another "Peace Be Still" Needlepoint like the one you have pictured. My great grandmother had one exactly like it in her home. I was hoping that maybe if I found the owner of the boat that he or she might be able to tell me where they got theirs, or if they have a pattern for it, etc. etc. Do you remember who you were sailing with? I appreciate your time! Thank you! :)


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