Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Quiet Moment

The little boys are taking a nap and the older two are riding their bikes. The laundry has been folded and a closet organized. There is much I could do right now, but with a pounding head I am taking this rare, quiet moment for myself.

Jacob had a scary accident yesterday which has caused me to once again recognize the fact that our lives -our very breath- are in the hands of the Lord. Innocently, he and Andrew had climbed up the back of a chair and onto a high window sill to place their crystals in the sunlight to make rainbows. Jacob, being as he is, decided to jump from the sill to the floor. The problem was the cords attached to the blinds: They had become tangled in the boys' play and caught Jacob around the neck as he jumped. If it had not been for Andrew... Oh, I don't want to think of what may have happened! These chords even had the safety release thing at the end. Today a scab that nearly wraps around his entire neck is a horrid reminder of what could have been, and gives me reason to be ever so thankful for my sweet little boy (and his quick-thinking brother).

The sun is finally shining again. The record amount of rain we received was a wonderful change for us and I am so excited about the green beginning to shade the hillsides. Rain in these parts is a novelty! Several Sundays ago Jon and I took separate cars to church because we had company. I arrived home early and grabbed my camera for a few candid shots in the rain. I switched my high heels for my yellow boots and began snapping away.

I had to remind myself why my boys like walking in the water and mud...

This year I want to have fun with my kids and make memories even if it doesn't always seem practical and reasonable. Our "church clothes" washed just fine, proving to me that it's good to get dirty and live a little!


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