Thursday, June 7, 2018


Well it's on the verge of happening. Summer, that is. It's almost here. One more final paper to go, but all exams and assignments are complete for the year. This is Michael's last day to slug it out, while Olivia is already basking in the sun with her friends at the beach. I'm in a coffee shop while I wait on Andrew as he gets new braces on. He celebrated the completion of his school year at the end of May, so don't feel too bad about the timing of his dental torture.

I am certainly celebrating today. I even wore a bright yellow tank to ring in the sunshine months, and to say 'so long' to one of our hardest schooling years to date. Hard stuff in general is definitely not all bad and I'm thankful for the growth it has pushed us to attain, but yes, I'm happy to see it go.

These pictures were taken on Andrew's last day of school (the Friday of Memorial Day weekend)~

No better place to celebrate and unwind than in the wide open!

Desert flowers show me that delicate beauty can be manifest in the reality of harsh conditions. Beauty is remarkable when paired with strength, because strength is only possible in the face of opposition. My mind has been turning this idea around recently, and I find hope in the knowledge that hardship is purposeful when I don't despair under it. More specifically, my good and gracious God is at work to perfect me!

Boys. How I love hanging out with them. They are more strength and laughter and funky smells than beauty- Ha!


I follow them because they invite me to come. And when I think I've climbed high enough, they call me to see what they've found.

I came around the bend to find them doing this...

Why should kids have all the fun? There is joy and great pleasure in not always acting my age. I'm striving to embrace the freedom of being me, a little less inhibited.

I still need a wall (or cliff) to get me started, then I can balance on my own for a bit...

The tide came in just enough for the boys to jump...

Over and over they jumped!

See their faces? Better believe the water was COLD!!

I love that Jack is looking at me with thumbs up in this shot...

Sea weed jump rope

Sunshine yellow  

"Just living is not enough...
One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower."
-Hans Christian Andersen


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