Monday, April 16, 2018

Spring Break Beach

I am hunkering down at Starbucks with Andrew this afternoon because our Internet is down. Nowadays, there is no possible way for us to get through school work without Internet. But shucks, I'm looking over at his computer screen and he's play a typing game. Emphasis on 'game.' Hmm. Excuse me one moment...

There are a lot of pictures to sort through on my memory card and computer, so I'm tackling some of those this afternoon and posting some spring break images. The beach is always on the bucket list for school breaks, and it's especially nice if we can explore a new-to-us beach if we can. There are so many places I want to explore with my kids, and this place surpassed our expectations.

Our view to the right...

...and to the left.

My view from our picnic blanket hangout.

Sunshine and water, with gentle breeze of salty air...

Always checking out what lies beneath the surface.
(A good tip for many thing in life.)

Never sitting around or wasting a moment.

Nature is my place to breathe. It is where the reality of troubles fade away for a while; it's where I feel the pleasure and goodness of God in my life. I can't remember a time when that wasn't the case for me. I used to escape to the meadows and to the forest, occasionally by the edge of a lake. Now I look for opportunity to run away with my kids and pray that they would experience the same and learn to draw near to God as a response. 

Tide pools: where discoveries reward those who are most curious and patient.

Waving when he spotted me on the rocks.

We celebrated Olivia's 17th during spring break. Seventeen.

Gentle and quiet spirit

Hidden in the cleft of a rock

She is always willing to indulge my picture-taking hobby when she has time, and I'm thankful.

According to the high school yearbook poll, this girl is going places...

One of Michael's specialties is wooing creatures; he is curious, patient, and strategic.

Feeding fish and crabs with mussel pieces

Sea anemone

Sea stars

Coming in at the end of our day

 "You rule the raging sea. When its waves rise, you quiet them."
Ps. 89:9

If God rules the raging sea and quiets rising waves, I know he can rule and quiet a troubled heart. He has proven faithful to those who fear him alone, so I hold fast to his promises with expectancy when the waves arise. 


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