Friday, December 22, 2017

Creating Space

The month of December has been just as full for us as for anyone, and it's so easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle. We've had birthdays and events, groups of people in our home, final exams and extra work... Honestly, it's easy to let the important things of life to get crowded out. My mental space is at a premium, too, but in the moments between busyness I am reminded of what is most valuable.

It all comes down to two very simple things: Loving God and loving others. Without the coming of God in the flesh, both would not truly be possible for anyone. True relationship becomes possible. It becomes our greatest goal.

I am endeavoring to create space for those two things. Yes, it is possible to love God and to love others no matter how busy, but I find it important to back away from certain things at certain times just to be mentally, emotionally, and spiritually aware to focus on God and others. It's about prioritizing relationship over mere service.

I am finding a need to wrap up a busy season of ministry-minded service to intentionally serve and love on my family, and to spend extra time in meditation with the Lord. I need to do all these things at all time, but some times ministry should serve only my family. They shouldn't get lost in the shuffle.

This week we took a breather and created space just to be together...

I regularly catch Andrew admiring Olivia's creativity..
My creativity comes out at Christmas in reusing and repurposing materials and resources that cost little to nothing...

My audio book-listening guy making his gift tags

Because life is more interesting from different perspectives, and because upside-down is a fun way to start the day...

Andrew prepared small gifts for his neighborhood clients.

He travels to and from his jobs by unicycle, so naturally he would distribute his gifts that way too.
Although he was pleased by all the bonus cash he was given this week, I still have to remind him that his wages are earned and not the result of generous people.

In sort of a spur of the moment decision, I have decided to host a scavenger hunt Christmas party tonight. Several families are coming, but I think we will also end up with a pile of teenagers, some I have never met. This is just the scenario I desire... a place where people can just come and be accepted. In a spirit of keeping it low-key, I am simply pulling out all the gifted chocolates and the cheese and crackers I had purchased for unexpected guest that never came; some of my friends are doing the same. We could easily end up with 40+ people. We have a crazy scavenger list and I feel slightly sorry for our town as we will soon be descending upon them!


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  1. Oh, please update or post on the scavenger hunt. I'd love to hear how it went.

    Hoping your Christmas was full of grace and peace. (your words always are, and I am always refreshed when I visit here.)



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